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Ask Jack: He knows I can Box!

Allow me to start this advice column by giving you an outstanding example of why you shouldn't take my advice: In 2005, I turned down a Porsche 993 Turbo in order to buy a leftover 2004 Porsche Boxster "550 Spyder Edition," pictured above. The money would have been about the same either way. Had I bought the 993 Turbo, I'd have a car that now would be worth between $125,000 and $175,000 at any random auction I chose. The Boxster? Well, I sold it to a lovely lady three years ago for about a tenth of that. Clearly, I don't know anything about buying and selling cars. But I do know quite a bit about Boxsters ... which brings us to this week's episode of "Ask Jack."


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40 years of Porsches now, since 18.  Thousands of miles on track--DE, Time Trial, Wheel-To-Wheel.  Yeah, kept me in the poor house to the extent I could retire at 55.  (Two stints owning Porsche repair shops.)  Kind of guessing here, but a minimally prepped 986 is probably a 2:12 Thunderhill (full)/1:50 Laguna car, with decent tires and not much else--Spec Boxster is down to around 2:01 (bypass).  What, exactly, is the prep level of the Neon????  Ultimately, I'll side with your ex-car's owner--sounds like she is having fun with the car.  And that what it's all about.  (Finally, there's always anecdotal observations of slow exotic/fast nothing car.  Out here, a GT3 or C6 Z06 is a ~1:35 car at Laguna--but in either case you find them being lapped in the 1:45+ range, passed by a Neon/whatever.)

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