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Ask Jack: He knows I can Box!

Allow me to start this advice column by giving you an outstanding example of why you shouldn't take my advice: In 2005, I turned down a Porsche 993 Turbo in order to buy a leftover 2004 Porsche Boxster "550 Spyder Edition," pictured above. The money would have been about the same either way. Had I bought the 993 Turbo, I'd have a car that now would be worth between $125,000 and $175,000 at any random auction I chose. The Boxster? Well, I sold it to a lovely lady three years ago for about a tenth of that. Clearly, I don't know anything about buying and selling cars. But I do know quite a bit about Boxsters ... which brings us to this week's episode of "Ask Jack."


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yup ... I tell everyone, if you're not going to fix it yourself, DON'T buy a Porsche (unless you truly can afford it) ...


From my point of view ... most look at my first generation yellow 97 Tiptronic with amazement (bling headlights/taillights), it looks good and is fun to drive. I don't do track racing, in fact up here 31mph over the speed limit will have your car impounded and have you left sitting at the side of the road with a huge ticket!!!


As for the cost, I bought this beautiful yellow car for equiv to $4500us. yes I had to do the IMS bearing, currently doing the shocks, and thanks to your insight I will keep an eye on the power steering system. No matter what comments I hear about these 986's I have no regrets buying it, and fixing it to me is as easy as putting in a stereo system but who wants to hear music when you have the sweet song of a Porsche! 


The bottom line, I've owned quite a few north American cars, have a 63 Pontiac that I've owned for many years ... my new found love of driving this car is like no other!  Yes, you will find other cars will leave you in their dust, but this stock Boxster handles like a dream!


Finally, yes there was a C6 Vet that I really regret passing on a couple years ago, but this car has cost me half of what that C6 to date, and I'm saving a tone of money now that this little gem qualifies for Hagerty Insurance!!!!