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Hagerty Employee

As Bruce's buggy slides on, a new generation takes over | Hagerty Media

This story appears in the March/April 2021 issue of Hagerty Drivers Club magazine, which went to print prior to the death of Bruce Meyers. You can read the dune-buggy legend's obituary here. I'd always thought Bruce Meyers was indestructible.

Manx cats are not hairless; they are tailless.

The photo caption says the blue buggy has a four-cylinder Corvair engine. What did they do? Cut two cylinders off? Mickey Thompson used to cut V-8s in half to make V-4s, so I'm sure it can be done.
Intermediate Driver

Of course if you look closely, you will see three exhaust headers on the visible side, so it is a full flat 6 Corvair engine.

Maybe the author was confused by the four carburetors, which were a production option on some Corvairs.

It will be exciting to see what Freeman Thomas has in store for the Manx and other models. He's got an excellent portfolio of some of the most iconic modern auto designs.

I find it very hard to believe that there ever was 250,000 of any aftermarket car, ALL builders included! When was the last time you saw more than one of them?

I am assuming he didn't copyright or patent his original design? Tough break, but little surprise. Needed a better lawyer and a brighter judge/court.
Pit Crew

Maybe the author of the article does not know anything about automobiles or cats. I wonder how much more misinformation is in the article.
Pit Crew

And when I was 21 and the owner of a $200 1964 volkswagen, I borrowed my brothers backhoe and lifted the body off (Dad thought I was nuts) and started cutting. Add a mini T bucket body and some chrome mags, and away we go. It would do 60 mph if you followed a truck close to cut the wind. Lots of fun in the back of the farm and out the gravel roads. Don't take the corners too fast. A little light on the front Took it on our honeymoon to the beach Great times. Oh yeah, now my Dad thought it was OK He used it too Total cost $700 not counting time spent welding and fitting. Another toy I should have kept-----
Pit Crew

We have a couple of these old Manx buggies in our off road club. I was surprised they didn't show a newer version, here is one: