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Hagerty Employee

As a Subaru STI 22B heads to U.K. auction, 2023 can’t arrive soon enough

A Subaru 22B STi is finally coming up for auction, a rare event that will have collectors and fans of ’90s Japanese performance paying close attention. For the uninitiated: the 22B is perhaps the most desirable and beloved vehicle in Subaru’s history. In fact, the 22B is so iconic for the seven-star brand that one stole the spotlight from the WRX STi S209 that launched at the 2019 Detroit auto show. Unlike the 341-horsepower STI S209, which is only offered in the U.S. (finally we get the fastest version of a Japanese car) the 22B was a limited-production monster only sold in a few right-hand-drive countries.


Why don’t we see more 22Bs at auction, though?


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