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Hagerty Employee

Are you a finalist in our Volvo giveaway?

Welcome back to our Volvo 240 contest, aka Project Freebrick! Excitement fills the air! We are now down to just THREE finalists! To help foster car culture in all its forms while also making a broad and true statement about the importance of simple joy, Hagerty is helping give away a classic Volvo 240 sedan.

I think this contest has been great and has provided some great reading here on the forums. The fact that it wasn't a late model Camaro or Mustang giveaway made it far more interesting.

It would have been easy to pick 100 of the entries to give away 100 Volvos, narrowing it down to 3 finalists would have been a challenge.

Good luck to those still in the running.

Congratulations to all three finalists! I posted in the thread but am glad you didn't choose me.

I didn’t know this contest was even running, but it’s for the best. I need another European hooptie like a hole in the head. I’m currently dealing with a 2000 BMW 528i 5MT with more problems than not, and a 2013 A8L 4.0T with a collapsed air strut and a persistent transaxle shudder.
New Driver

I wish to officially log a protest! I feel certain these three entries must have exceeeded the required maximum word count, LOL. I'm sure I could have waxed poetic for a lot longer but I mistakenly assumed the less is better. Best of luck to the winner and I'm pulling for the guy in Portland because I wouldn't wish a breakdown in an old 240 on my worst enemy.
Pit Crew

Glad I did't tell my Granddaughter about this yet, I will have to find another for her. It was going to be
a long drive back to Maryland.
New Driver

Shouldn't the winning entry for why you should give this to someone have been more along the lines of: "I deserve to get this Volvo 240 because I'm: 1) an axe murderer, or 2) certified as completely insane, or 3) the head of our local Marquis De Sade society, etc., etc." ?

Good luck to the winner of this thing. Enjoy the box!
Intermediate Driver

Bummer, I thought for sure that you guys would pick me, I’m gonna go home and start crying now, no it’s OK, I just thought for once I could win something. Although I did win those candies at the theater when I was seven years old!

First guy has no particular love for Volvo, and I don’t think the coming newborn bodes well for the Volvo’s chances of being kept up. if he thinks he’s going to wrench and raise a newborn. Last guy already had his fill of 240. I vote for the second guy.
New Driver

In Washington?
I think my 1st cousin once removed is giving away a car. I didn't know. Not that I have room next to the 57 or 66.
Pit Crew

I would like to say that I'm proud of our Volvos at least when we owned them.Now I'll like to congratule the winner of this swedish 'icon'.Best regards Stefan,(of couse from,yes Sweden).