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Community Manager

Anticipating the 2021 Mustang Mach 1, we look back at the original run

If spy photos and rumor sites are correct, a new Mach 1 will be joining the Mustang line for 2021, replacing the Bullitt and slotted below the Shelbys. The Mustang line hasn’t had that many hotrods since 1969, the year the Mach 1 was introduced. 

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What does does 1969's $3122 translate into 2020's dollars and sense? 

Community Manager

Apparently it adjusts to $22,607.85 when using this:



Community Manager

Apparently it adjusts to $22,607.85 when using this:

First gen Mach 1's could be any Mustang colour. Later gens they sometimes added a special colour into the mix (I think there is an "Azure Mist" at one point that is Mach 1 only).


Boss Mustangs originally only came in 4 colours in 69 (expanded greatly in 70) which can cause confusion --I had to double-check it was the Boss with the limited palette since I don't own either version.


I hope the new one has a limited, and unique set of colours for the Mach 1 option.

Pit Crew

You scared the crap out of me! When I saw the picture of the Mustang prototype above the headline about the 2021 Mach 1, I **bleep** near had a heart attack!!


I paid a little over $ 30,000 CAN for my 04 Mach 1 with 1700kms on it, I just recently checked the sticker price on a 2020 Bullitt, $58,000 CAN base price.

Seems Ford wants the same profit margin on the Mustang as they get on the Pickups. I can not see myself paying more than double for a 2021 Mach 1, besides my summer only 04 has less than 90K on it, is still quiet, tight and stock and is still a joy to shift through the gears.


Your car looks great.  I like the stance, the color and the patina.  

Pit Crew

What's with the outside mirrors so high for? I find that even todays mirrors are a bit high and obstruct the view on both sides. The auto pictured seems to have an enormously long hood, is it hiding something or is it for effect. Some of its styling is rather nice. I can dig it....

Pit Crew

With a good eraser I could tweek that picture and come up with a really nice car.