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Hagerty Employee

Another day, another $60K+ VW Golf R32

Oh dear. Aren't Volkswagens supposed to be the Car of the People? Yesterday's $61,950 final price on Bring a Trailer's sale of a squeaky clean 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 indicates even the historically thrifty Mk4 Golf is swept up in the ongoing value surge of noteworthy cars from the early 2000s.

I wonder my W8 passat wagon would fetch

Nostalgia is a crazy thing. Seems like a lot to spend on the not ultimate VW Golf. It's a nice car but the next gen R is so much better. Maybe the naturally aspirated 6 is the reason for some to want it versus a turbo motor but I don't know.
Intermediate Driver

I have owned two Mk4 R32s. Fantastic cars. Only putting 20k miles in almost two decades on one is criminal and should not be rewarded like this.
New Driver

Glad to see a runner up to my 1800 mile R32. Only a handful remaining in near concourse condition and need to preserve them as best we can.
New Driver

Hey Connor Golden,

How about an interview with one of your customers! I have a one of a kind MKV R32, with a custom supercharger installation, with all the trimmings. Just when you thought the MKIV was fun to drive… This one will make you laugh with glee!

Give me a shout and let’s go for a ride!