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Hagerty Employee

An insider’s guide to LEGO cars, from bite-sized to life-sized

Whenever LEGO announces a new car model—and the company has been revealing some real gems lately—the opinions start flowing. Why this car? Why is it so big—or so small? Did the designers overlook any details that we can nitpick? What’s up with that price? Is LEGO really the world’s largest manufacturer of tires? (Yes.)


Not all LEGO car models are created the same; in fact, they’re sorted into several distinct product lines, each with a different approach, building experience, and target audience. For the purposes of this buyer’s guide to LEGO cars, we’re focusing on sets featuring replicas of real production vehicles. How cars are chosen for the LEGO treatment, how they’re designed, and how to choose a model that meets your (or your kid’s) expectations ...


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I built the VW van and then started on the Mustang, but lost interest after finishing the chassis.


I have built the trio of Technic Super Cars. The Lambo by far has been the best. These models have been spaced 2 years apart so I hope this next year we will see a new super car come to market. I hope it may be a C8, Mclaren or Enzo.

If you have not built one of these do so soon and you will be amazed with the details. The 8 speed working transmission to the AWD or the other functioning features like a V12 or W16 with working pistons.

In the down time I will warm up with the Range Rover kit as it is very detailed and should be good practice for the coming model.

The Creator series is nice but not as much of a challenge. I have done the Aston DB5 last year but I move more to the NASA kits in this series. I just finished the Space Shuttle Discovery with the Hubble telescope.

Yes these are expensive but you will have a literal piece of rolling art. Yes many hang these on the wall as art.