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Hagerty Employee

An extremely car-nerdy way to think about this weekend's Preakness Stakes

The Preakness Stakes, the third leg of this year's jumbled Triple Crown, is this Saturday. The most recent Triple Crown Winner was Justify in 2018, for whom the current stud fee guaranteeing one horse is $150,000. Ignoring the pesky fact that a race horse running at full speed produces more than one horsepower, let's consider: Are there any cars that are worth at least $150,000 per horsepower?


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Love that Ferrari!

New Driver

The Ferrari 250 GTO is one piece of Fine Art. It would be my favorite of all classic autos.

The design was way before it's time and will most likely never ever be forgotten. 

Herb Jenkins


New Driver

What isn’t considered here ,and will skew these results, is the price/value of the quite necessary mare. 


After coming face-to-grille with an Atlantic at the Petersen museum a few years ago, I can still remember my involuntary head shake at the sight of it. Walking around it, the dorsal fin seemed to disappear from some angles and to me, it only became noticeable from a three-quarter rear view. The gentle droop of the side windows give the profile view a visual speed that makes the whole thing apeear to leap forward. And this is no typical pre-war dainty cameo locket to be lightly driven on an empty country road on a bright spring morning. No, this Leviathan is a true road locomotive, ready to tackle any paved route to any destination. My six-feet-off-the-ground eyes peered into the center of the windshield, making me think that I ever was fortunate enough to be at the controls, there exists a chance that a random Prius could be boofed inadvertently because it might not be seen down there under that massive nose. This would be the car to have in hurricane country, because it would laugh at puny Nature trying to stop it from going where you want it to go. Not that I would ever expose one to that, but knowing that you're driving something that even an F-250 would shrink from challenging is comforting. Wonder what Mr. Foose could improve on this...


a solid axle ox cart suspension carb per cylinder twin ignition system dog that was outdated even in its day and never won so much as a pit stop and this is what the idle rich sink their money into just because it’s red;

Pit Crew

The $150,000 is just the stud fee, so it's more comparable to $50M for a (short) track day experience ,,,