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Hagerty Employee

Amps to Amelia: The all-electric Taycan road-trips to meet Porsche heritage

As we rolled our three whispering Porsche Taycans onto the field at the Werks Reunion, the big Porsche show before the Amelia Island Concours, some guy waved his hand at us in the universal signal to rev the engine. Then he laughed to himself at his own little joke. Yeah, you can’t do that with an electric car, zing its engine for the crowd. Not yet, anyway, not until you can buy custom car sounds from the iTunes store. In the future, there will be Porsche Taycans that sound like Ferrari F1 cars and P-51 Mustangs, mark my words. Just not yet. So we whispered on, trying not to accidentally run anyone over by stealth.


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New Driver

This is why Porsche is Porsche! Putting their flagship sedan in classic, winners' livery shows what these EVs are capable of, and what is expected of the driving experience. BMW, MB, eat your heart out! This is something Tesla just isn't capable of, and shouldn't be expected to try to compete against: standing on 100 years of rennsport legacy.