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Hagerty Employee

'American Graffiti' and my coming of age | Hagerty Media

I find it impossible to believe that "American Graffiti" has been out for 40 years. It's even harder for me to believe that I first saw it 40 years ago. Then a week later I saw it a second time, followed by a third viewing the next week.
New Driver

A few years ago, i picked up a '59 Austin Healey BugEye Sprite. A while later, i purchased a Johnny Lightning 1/64 scale BugEye. The packaging has American Graffiti graphics, but i did not remember seeing that car in the film. I must have watched the movie 100 times, and, like you say, must have blinked in the same spot every time. Finally, lol, near the begining of movie, i finally seen it. Much to my surprise, my BugEye is identical. Yellow, rollbar, black interior, front grill missing, and widened rims, with the same type of "Pinto" type hubcaps on the front. The history of the car is unknown, other than i know it sat since about 1979-80 without moving, just across the street from where i lived, just out of elementary school.--(fast forward 20 yrs, i ended up seeing the owner at a new job i had started, and immediately asked about my "little car". He actually remembered who i was, and i was then able to make a deal with him for it). Does anyone know any info on the BugEye used in the movie? Whatever happened to it? Were the cars used in movie registered with the film? Even though it's not a "star car", it would still be an honor to have a car from that particular film!!