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Hagerty Employee

American collectors are scouring the globe for Skylines, Defenders, and Land Cruisers | Hagerty Media

One of the many data sources we track over at Hagerty Insider is the movement of classic cars through international sea ports to and from the United States. Although these imports and exports account for a small slice of the collector car market, they can provide a clue as to which cars are destined to appreciate most.

This is fascinating and very well done.
I would like to know how I can get a Hagerty Price Guide and its price.
Intermediate Driver
Intermediate Driver

I can believe the 1965 to 1973 Mustangs, but the rest are mostly **bleep** cars and that I don't believe.

From my perspective, the numbers for the mustangs seem right only because they literally made millions of mustangs. You can shake a tree here in Virginia and three 1965s fall out. Ford sold over a million mustangs before 1968. However, the exact options that a collector (novice or otherwise) would go to the trouble of importing a vehicle for, that is the tricky part. For example, a 1966 mustang, they made 355,000 hard tops. If you want a Phoenician yellow convertible, they made maybe 500? The nissans however are in rapid ascent price wise, and I can see somebody in the US saying "I want a skyline, and I have X-dollars to spend, get me something, anything nissan from that time period". The skyline GT-R is a wicked vehicle. I was skeptical myself and then I saw a couple in person and was smitten. I could have bought one a few years ago through a mutual friend of a friend and I wimped out. It haunts me
Intermediate Driver

Based on when I lived in West Germany, most (if not all) of those "Mustangs" being repatriated from Germany are more likely T-5's, as Ford couldn't use "Mustang" as a brand when the first-generation was new. Based on Mustang folks I know here in the states, T-5's are popular because they are an odd-duck in a pasture full of Pony's.
New Driver

I will add from a law enforcement experience that there are a lot of Defenders, Land Rovers, Jeeps, etc., etc., that are involuntarily 'exported' (Gone in 60 Seconds?) to, e.g., the Middle East, by their very recently victimized legal owners. Off the street and into a container the same day - often stolen to order.

see some coming in from s. Greece too (least the model I want - not in this list).

You can thank the Fast & Furious Franchise for many of those I think.
Pit Crew

LOL nope. the fast n furious movie had nothing to do with that. that was MB USA cutting off supply and greasing palms. thats WHY the 25 year rule is in effect. canada its 15.

Huh. Interesting that 9 of the top 10, and 14 of all 20, are Japanese.
Intermediate Driver

My car meet buddy has a '32 GTR RHD that he imported 4 years ago.
My JDM is a 6 speed LHD '94 Supra that I bought new in Toronto... it is crazy the way people ask me to sell it.
I had it professionally appraised in 2017, $128,750.00 was the number ... I was shocked then.
Last year I was offered $140,000.00 at a car meet !
It is one owner (me), low km, 55,000 and original body and paint, but I am wondering what the car will be worth to someone that wants a 760 hp, built engine "94 Sport Roof Supra with the JDM frenzy happening today.
Intermediate Driver

If I could get$140000 for that car, I would tear the guy's arm off while he was handing me the money. You should sell it now while you have the chance, those prices can't last. Just my opinion. You could then take 10% of the money and buy a Corvette that would exceed the performance and invest the rest.
Pit Crew

bahahaha. all the cars they are looking for went to Australia and NZ! when NZ dropped the tarriffs on new cars in the 90s we got a absoloute slew of (new to us) japanese cars. the rules have recently changed so we cnt import any japanese car older than 2005. but we still have existing stocks.
New Driver

Who the f**k would want a foreign pos. North American classics are the only cars worth having.
Pit Crew

What !? No Holden EH wagons from down under? I want one of those. Big V8 power, wide hides, killer paint and surfboard. Who has one of those in the northern hemisphere?

I worked on a car carrier carrying vehicles and military equipment to the Middle East. We could walk around the car decks and classics would pop up at times. One trip in 2013 I noticed a bunch of 240, 260 and 280 Z cars all together, some very clean, some not so much all going to Saudi Arabia or UAE or Kuwait, not sure exactly where, anyway it was obvious their appreciation was going to come soon after
Advanced Driver

shame for what 'DOT' did to the collectors in the '80s.
Worked on a Maserati 3500 'Sebring' [grey market car].
Beautiful car, tried to buy it.
'DOT' killed this attempt.
Designated: had to be exported back to Europe
_no and's if or buts.