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America’s interstate highway system turns 64 years old this week

For the most part, we take our cross-country highways for granted. Sometimes, we even seem to despise them. However, for over fifty years the interstate highway network commissioned by President Dwight D. Eisenhower has supported the United States’ incredible growth from coast to coast and border to border during the 20th century.


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Being a native Atlantan and having gone to Georgia Tech just a scant few years after those photos were taken, I recognized the road immediately.  Georgia Tech would be to the right in those photos behind the trees.  You can see the sign for the iconic Varsity drive-in to the left.  I, too, had fun identifying the cars but one has me stumped.  In the first photo, there is a small station wagon immediately to the right of a 1964 Olds wagon.  I first thought it was a Datsun 410 and then a early-60's Opel Kadett, but I can't find any pictures that match.  Anyone know?

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