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Amelia or Bust: In Kaufman's garage, Corvette is king

Rob Kaufman isn't into trailer queens. If he owns a car, you can bet that he's going to going to drive it. And he has about 50 of them in his collection. He just doesn't call it that. "I don't really consider it a collection because I like driving all of my cars," he says.

I had the pleasure of visiting his garage two years ago for a Hagerty/Tom Cotter event. One thing that impressed me is the diversity of his collection from brassies through race cars. The other is that he has acquired duplicate engines for some of his rarest cars, with the original engine on display next to each car. So he gets to drive them hard if he wants without worrying about doing potentiasly catastrophic damage to the original.

He was a welcoming host as well, and the RK Motors side where business is done was also impressive.

Wonder if Mr. Kaufman takes the 66 Le Mans winner out now and again. Also I'm surprised the MKII is privately owned. I always thought it was housed at the Henry Ford Museum with the 67 MKIV.

Very nice collection. Good variety of cars there.