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Hagerty Employee

AMAZING! Time-lapse engine rebuild of a Chevy 283 small-block | Redline Rebuild

After our 1966 Chevy Small Block 283 disassembled itself, we couldn't help but give it a full engine rebuild. This iconic Chevrolet V-8 came out of Chevelle 25 years ago and has sat untouched ever since, but now it's getting the rebuild it deserves.
Pit Crew

Best video yet. Your video people are the best. When will we see more about your drag car?
Advanced Driver

Those exhaust manifolds are not correct for an early model 283, if any year at all. Even a 1967 model still used ram's horns.

Nice video, though. Give me the 220hp Power Pak version like I had in a 66 Nova!
New Driver

Enjoyed following the build. I have a 283 in my El Camino and yes the exhaust manifolds are correct for the Chevelle/El Camino due to frame cross member. I intend to keep my 283 and would like to do a similar build. Did you dyno the engine and if you did, what kind of hp and torque increase did you obtain with cam change?

It's fascinating and the music track is trash. Do something about it. You'll have more audience.