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All of the weird crap I found in my Moskvich

What’s better than foraging in the nether regions of a newly-purchased vehicle, probing for hints of its past? Absolutely nothing. The longer said car’s been sitting, the better the archaeological dig, of course. And who doesn’t love discovering forgotten treasure, or as sane people call it, “old junk”? Here is an itemized list of what I was able to locate and identify inside of my recently acquired Soviet-come-East German classic:

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Best thing I ever found in a car I bought:  a 14k gold charm, under the back seat, with the inevitable petrified french fries.  This was several years after I bought the car, and by then the Air Force seller had been transferred.  Nearly 20 years later, I noticed his name in an AF publication, and called to see if it was the same guy. It was, so I told him about the charm.  Seems his wife had received it as a bridesmaid gift--he was amazed I still had it.  But who throws away 14k gold?  I sent it back to him to be reunited with its original recipient.