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Hagerty Employee

After months of delay, Ford to reveal next-gen Bronco in July

Along with a slew of teasers direct from Dearborn, Ford promised back in November of 2019 that we'd see the 2021 Bronco in the spring of 2020.


Then it told us we could see the full vehicle in March, which was a bit earlier in the spring than we'd anticipated. Now it's officially summer and we still haven't seen the off-roader. Given everything that's transpired thus far in 2020, we're not holding a grudge; about eight weeks of plant closures across the country pushed every automaker's plans back a couple of months. It seemed like things had started to get back up and running in mid-May, only to shut back down again a week later.


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Pit Crew

Your write-up is dated 05 June, 2020 and: "Now it’s officially summer"? But summer begins 20 June, 2020. ???