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Hagerty Employee

After 39 years, a long-lost 1967 BMW 2000CS miraculously finds its original owner

Every once in a while, we hear an amazing story about a long-lost car being reunited with its original owners, years after they let it go. This is one of those stories. Except that it's different. Backwards, you might say.
Pit Crew

Awesome GREAT story ! Love it !!
Intermediate Driver

I love this story and the nice lady feelings! 


Further evidence of what we all know; cars are not merely appliances.
Intermediate Driver

I used to dream about European delivery. That must have been a great trip visiting BMW plant and driving through Europe in the late ‘60’s. Feels like Doug may have had a hand in the car being found…
New Driver

A world of memories and her love for her husband were brought back by this car...
Pit Crew

Jeff, the 2000CS is a coupe, not a sedan. Indeed, the CS designation stands for Coupé Sport.
Advanced Driver

Great story, Jeff!
Intermediate Driver

What a sweet story!

I can appreciate some of the feelings - through pure serendipity I found and was able to purchase my grandmother's '62 Thunderbird in 2009. I had grown up with the car in Los Angeles, as my grandfather had purchased it in 1963 (I was born in '68). It was sold in 1998 when she stopped driving. Found it purely by accident on Hemmings online in Palm Springs. I had since moved to PA and it arrived in the middle of the night on a semi car carrier. I'll never forget - when I sat in it for the first time it smelled exactly as I remembered. Still have it and am gradually refreshing & renewing. This year was new upholstery and over winter will be dash pad & door panels. 118K on the clock and the engine's a little tired. Someday I hope to address that too.

If you're missing that special car from years gone by, don't give up hope. You just never know.

Great story. It's amazing how something like a car can bring you way back in your feelings. So happy for her!
New Driver

Beautiful story -- even better with a 2000CS as the automotive hero. I've had mine since 1984, and I often refer to it as my oldest child. They are rare enough to arouse smiles and lots of curiosity wherever I drive it. It's one of my 2 favorite cars of all time.
New Driver

I can't think of a better start of a new day than to read a heartwarming, and uplifting story like this. It would have been even sweeter if Mr. Linder could have been here to see it too.
I can envision a leisurely, and scenic back road trip to Portland Maine for the 2000CS sometime in it's future.
And kudos to it's caretakers for maintaining this car in such good condition throughout it's lifetime.
Intermediate Driver

I can understand the family having fond memories of their 2000 CS as I had one as my first BM coupe, it too was a manual.
I moved onto a 2800 CS and then formed a habit of collecting 3.0 CSL’s. - being a motor trader helped - I’ve owned a Polaris Silver CSL with a full ‘Batmobile’ body kit since 1974 and it will probably see me out.
Intermediate Driver

I never knew I'd enjoy this Hagerty newsletter as much as I do. And the magazine. It was a lucky day when we chose Hagerty to cover our Cobra replica. My husband doesn't understand my heart-rending attachments to the vehicles we've had and sold, so I am so happy to find kindred spirits here. This story about the BMW brought tears to my eyes. THANK YOU SO MUCH for an excellent story.
New Driver

Great story! My dad had a 280 SL that came back to him by chance 30 years after he sold it. He completed a full restoration and won an award for best restoration at Amelia and then won Sand Hills Motoring Festival last year. And his wife has the matching sedan and they show them together. Awesome story! You should write about it!