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Adventures in Mom’s ’57 Ford Fairlane 500 “Thunderbird Special”

Why is that car behind me flashing its brights? Flash, flash, flash! I’m cruising in the third lane (of four) on my side of an eight-lane suburban highway. Should I move over? There’s plenty of room to pass. Flash, flash, flash! What does he want?


Is he a cop? Is he pulling me over? This could mean jail! And no driving ‘till I’m 21… my dad’s dire warning if he ever caught me driving before I was legal. I had my own keys to Mom’s super-cool ’57 Ford Fairlane 500 convertible, and he knew that I knew how to drive it. Read the full article on

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I am guilty of quite a few youthful transgressions that my parents would NOT have been happy about IF they had known about them.  But they never did.  Years later, when I was in my 40s I told my mom one day that she would really be surprised to hear some of the things I did in my younger years.  And she replied for me not to tell her.  She didn't want to know.

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