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Hagerty Employee

Acura’s 1997–2005 NSX may have plateaued, but its future is secure

Technically, the original Acura NSX debuted back in February 1989, at the Chicago Auto Show. However, if we go by model year (1991), Honda’s game-changing flagship supercar turns 30 just in a few months, and this is a car that deserves extra celebration. The NSX famously proved that mid-engine exotics don’t have to be as difficult to live with as a pet tiger, and it was so well thought-out and thoroughly engineered that Honda didn’t have to change much over a decade-and-a-half production run. None of these virtues are lost on enthusiasts and collectors. That’s why NSXs never really became cheap, like some of their more tuner-friendly peers, and why these Acura’s values sit above those of most modern Japanese performance cars ... Read the full article on


Advanced Driver

One of my "Bucket List" cars.


The car just never got the heritage or the emotional attachment of a Ferrari, Corvette or Harley. 

This was the better built Ferrari but like so many vehicles from Japan there is little emotional attachment outside a smaller group of enthusiast. 

It will remain a solid investment due to the low numbers vs higher demand but I doubt we will ever see Ferrari prices. 

What the Automotive world thinks means nothing here it is the general public. You need buyers from outside the true enthusiast to drive an icon. 

Say you own a Ferrari at a party and people gather. Say NSX and people will what is that ask do you have a photo if they are not car people. 

It is a shame as the car deserved better.


I feel if Senna had not died he would have put this car better in the view of the average public. It would have been fun to see him race one in IMSA. Even the IMSA racing program helped the Fiero in spite of the damage GM inflicted with under funding the car. 

Even a movie could have helped. Look at the Delorean that has reached icon status do to Back to the Future.

New Driver

I've owned my 1992 white NSX since 1995, 140.000 miles, runs like new, no desire to sell although this is the time. I know many car guys who were into only European makes, bought an NSX cheap to flip. Almost everyone of them decided to keep it and sell the European car instead. The car really grows on you, getting in and out biggest complaint, nothing drives like it, extremely well balanced. Other pitfall uses rear tires up but they are cheap.