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Hagerty Employee

AC's Cobra Electric whirrs to life, a pint-sized Testa Rossa you can drive, Bentayga gets giant woven rims

Intake: A year after AC Cars shocked the motoring world by announcing it would be going electric, the British company is putting the final touches to the most controversial Cobra of all time. Supply chain issues during the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays, but AC capitalized on the time by improving the car.

The AC, if it will be as slender in design as the original, will be stunning and I hope a good seller. The Ferrari is wretched excess and adorable, as are the Bentley wheels.
Advanced Driver

And here I used to think that plastic "Cobras" with Chevy engines and automatic transmissions where the worst. But now there's an electric plastic "Cobra". Maybe they'll have a big speaker system to simulate that wonderful thumping, loping idle and exciting sounds of the real Cobra's I've seen? Won't that be wonderful?
Pit Crew

Must learn to do math: If the Carbon Fiber wheels save 52.8lbs (13.2 x 4), then this is approx 1% of total vehicle weight (announced 5,838 lbs x 0.01). 0.001% of the total weight is 0.58 lbs. Although 1% of total weight is not huge, since it is unsprung weight it is significant in multiple areas.
Intermediate Driver

In my not so humble opinion, if you want an electric vehicle, then buy a Tesla. An electric motor in an AC Cobra, even if it is a repro, is simply a travesty.