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Hagerty Employee

A test track for your garage? Honda thought it was a good idea

We all dream of having our own personal closed course to enjoy our cars and motorcycles without the nagging fear of some texting-while-driving idiot smashing into us and ruining the fun and our vehicle. While a very select few have the finances to make that happen, most of us have come to terms with that being nothing more than a dream. What if I told you that you could have your own test track for less than $3000 and it could fit in your living room—and it’s not for scale models? Don’t believe me?


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Don't laugh. If I had the room for it, I'd buy this. It would be great for exercising the bikes during the long rainy Oregon Coast winters when taking one of the bikes out for a 20-minute run means an hour of cleaning it up afterwards.

Hagerty Employee
Hagerty Employee

Somebody needs to make a Zwift or Peloton mod for it! 

Intermediate Driver

That is a unique find, not for me, but some motorcycle dealer should snap that thing up, easier enough to mask "Honda", and would be a great come on for the new to the sport guy or gal


I guess the question would be where would you get a new belt when it broke? 

From the 1970's chances it won't last long.


Actually, the red tie-down strap seen in the photos goes around the rear frame section of the bike, mostly just to hold the machine upright. The rollers are to keep the front wheel on the belt, and the fans direct cooling air across the engine and exhaust. 

These were heavy duty devices and could accommodate a Honda CB750, although the concept was as described in the article; to help prospective riders learn how to manipulate the clutch gearshift and brakes in a controlled environment.