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Hagerty Employee

A teenager once smashed up this very special 1966 Ford GT40 | Hagerty Media

GT40. The combination of those letters and numbers immediately brings to mind Ford's breakthrough performance at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, a 1-2-3 finish that broke Ferrari's stranglehold on the famed endurance race and began a three-year championship run for the Blue Oval.

Egads, what a beautiful car!  I always liked Ferris' Day Off, but reading about the joyride and crash as a REAL event and not "just a movie" is a bit unsettling, to say the least.  I mean, is that kid still paying for the damage?  He was babysitting?  Do you suppose he got a tip?

New Driver

I find it fascinating that a car valued at $5 million uses WalMart bungie cords to hold down the spare like an 82 Civic.
Intermediate Driver

Would've been fun to see some "before" photos.
New Driver

The gentleman's name was Doug Champlin ... as in Champlin Petroleum. Champlin Petroleum and Doug lived in Enid, OK where I lived about a hundred years ago and the story of the GT40 and the teenager was often told between car guys. Always wondered what happened to it.
Advanced Driver

So... "salvage title" on the CarFax?