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Hagerty Employee

A surge in EV demand is sending automakers to the altar

Strange shotgun marriages happen in the cylinders of engines due to the intense heat and pressure of internal combustion. For example, nitrogen and oxygen are not naturally attracted to each other, chemically speaking, but they are thrown together by the detonation of fuel to produce oxides of nitrogen.
Intermediate Driver

I know Mazda needs a "big brother", financially speaking, but as a fanboy I wish they would somehow extract Toyota's fangs from their back. Toyota's commitment to mediocrity will only dilute whatever's left of Mazda's "it just feels right" driving philosophy. It was probably Toyota bean counters who whispered to Mazda engineers that the 3 and CX-30 don't really need an independent rear suspension. Next up: "you don't need the Miata, do you? We'll be happy to lop the top off the GR86..." Resistance is not futile, Mazda!