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Hagerty Employee

A Steve McQueen skid lid from Le Mans is for sale | Hagerty Media

Want to put your noggin in the same safe space as the King of Cool? Then you're in luck as a Bell crash helmet worn by Steve McQueen during the filming of 1971's is up for auction. Le Mans was McQueen's take on the definitive racing film.
Pit Crew

Evel Knievel signed one of my motorcycle helmets back in the 90's, I wonder what that's worth? Not that would sell it.

I like the 'wipe yer nose' thumbs on the glove. We didn't trust those 'full face' in the day. Being under the chin like that some guys said 'could snap ur neck". There was an even punnier helmet that just covered the top/back of the head but most wore the kind covered the ears. (I did, still hasa snap on bill like the cops). No face shields in my era either...glasses (or a a very few googles). Stephen rode out west. Didn't see these Back East till the higher influx of the Japanese bikes ("meet the nicest ppl...") mid/late 70's, may B a lill earlier.