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Hagerty Employee

A shedload of surprises: Discovery of huge fuel-can stash reveals 500 rare artifacts

Editor's note: In the interests of preserving the authentic whiff of petrol that pervades this remarkable story from our U.K. colleagues, we have made only slight concessions to an American lexicon. All quotations remain untouched.

A good example of a Hoarder saving things for someone to discover their treasure.
Intermediate Driver

This is not hoarding when everything is attended to and well preserved. Hoarding is junk collecting where there is little to no value, or even rhyme or reason. This is collecting, like coins, stamps, models.
Intermediate Driver

It's hoarding to those that don't appreciate the hoard.
Pit Crew

Looks fairly pre-curiated without a spec of dust. More like a stylistic photo shoot of someones collected props than an undiscovered barn of coolness. I'd rather sift through dust and grime, than oggle pre-polished prized convo pieces.
Pit Crew

Sadly, the repainted, restored cans hold much less value to the collector than if they were in "as found" condition. Patina counts in collecting. A mint item must be factory mint not refinished. Nice collection but he hurt the value by repainting them.
Pit Crew

I agree with FASI. He has such glee upon his face and for him, it works. For us collectors, clean and polish, yes, but please don't repaint and try to bring back the past.

It looks like those that needed refinishing got refinished those that were merely worn got left alone. And he did it for him to enjoy not you!
Advanced Driver

I worked as an early teen at the Sinclair and we kept 2 gallon gas cans to sell when folks needed to buy gas when they ran out of it and walked in. Gas would have been about 54 cents and can $1.
A "regular" customer could bring the can back for a refund of the buck. Most keep it in their trunk for future!
New Driver

This article made me think that the best way to sell my collection of Series 1 parts might be an auction. I purchased a complete body, frame, engine and lots of spare parts to essentially make at least one car. I am curious what would be the best way to dispose of my collection. I have stored the parts for over 20 years now. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
New Driver

You can all call it what you want, but I think it's way cool.

The "buzz" she refers he got, may have been from all the petroleum products. What a great collection. Some folks collect, stamps, coins, guns, dolls, etc.. This is no different. I think he truly loved it and hopefully the next will enjoy as much as he did. Is it not wonderful to live in a free country free from persecution just because you can collect memorabilia of your choice.

Wonderful. We need curators of "ESSO terica" as much as the cars themselves. Bless this gentleman.
Pit Crew

This s my parents basement...what goes in ...never comes out....
Advanced Driver

I love the Britishisms! "Motor spirit cans!" "...boot sales and auto jumbles..." "Oil pourers!" And one of my favorites that didn't appear here: dust bin lorries!

Long live the Mother Country!

So many cool old relics of automotive days gone by.