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Hagerty Employee

A recipe for the perfect “street car”—Tom McGilton’s 2013 Camaro ZL1 on Race Week 2.0

As motorsports evolve and branch off each other, the machines built to dominate these new tangents often create unique opportunities for builders to think outside of the box. A popular and well-treaded class tends to only have a few solutions that are economical to run and proven to win, but when a new format grows, the room to experiment expands with it. The endurance drag racing format that Hot Rod magazine’s Drag Week pioneered allowed participants to depart from traditional drag racing builds in that some sacrifices made for the sake of weight were acceptable in order to maximize comfort or reliability on the street ... Read the full article on




Pit Crew

Congratulations Tom!!! And, thank you for letting fans get a hands on experience. There is nothing like sitting in a car feeling the wheel or the shifter knob as one looks out over the hood to inspire someone’s future.