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Hagerty Employee

A prewar Benz is the new king of Bring a Trailer

The roaring success of Bring a Trailer might be built on the roofs of watercooled Porsches, 1980s BMWs, and a fleet of restomodded SUVs, but a quick scroll through the biggest sales on BaT shows that the ultra-popular auction site has shifted enough blue-chip metal to populate the catalog of a major brick-and-mortar auction house.

That Mercedes oozes class out of every pore. Maybe not 7 figures worth, but that is a sharp car

The Mercedes is definitely a nice car. I like the Z8 too.
Pit Crew

That VW Golf looks like a refugee from a junkyard.
Intermediate Driver

BAT certainly has legs! Some of us foresaw that potential.

Back in February 2016, when BAT was just beginning as a dedicated auction site (having transitioned from a collector car forum of sorts, that referenced cars being auctioned on other sites like Ebay etc), I saw the huge potential for BAT.

I had a less than stellar experience with BAT when I went to list my car in early 2016, as they would not agree to my reserve price, so I opted not to list. My reserve was based on Hagerty Values. I ended up getting much more for the car on Hemmings, but I digress.

At the time I thought that Hagerty should establish an auction site of its own, or buy a stake in BAT, as there would be great synergies between the two, and creating a market where making the buying and selling cars easier plays to everything that Hagerty does in its efforts to broaden the car collector market.

I contacted McKeel Hagerty, but he was presently off at a Young Presidents' Club week's gathering. I ended up speaking with Clint Sly at Hagerty who was responsible for Corporate Development. I pitched my idea to him, and we traded emails and had a few conversations. He said he was keeping McKeel in the loop.

It's a shame that Hagerty didn't seize upon my suggestion back in early 2016, as the fortunes of BAT are now in the hands of Hearst Publishing, rather than Hagerty.

Maybe Hagerty should take out Hearst Publishing, in whole or in part? Never too late.

Brent Fullard