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A New Newmad | Hagerty Media

You may remember Dave Hall from his "Newmad," below. He shared his restoration story with us over a year ago and with that hot blue Chevy, he's been traveling to car shows and events winning awards and trophies. At last year's Phoenix World of Wheels, he and the Newmad enjoyed winning Best in Class, Best [...]

"By this time I had decided on a retro 60s hot rod theme with a 502 BB Chevy, ASM tuned port, 4L80E trans, Ford 9 inch rearend, Billet Specialty Legacy wheels (17″) and BFG tires. Interior changes included, front bucket seats and custom rear seat, custom center console and door panels, and Dakota digital instruments and minor dash modifications."


   I'm having a lot of trouble with this.  I owned quite a few "60s hot rods", and lusted after many more of them - in the actual '60s.  I had two real close friends who had Nomads - one a '55 and the other a '56.  Both of these were true hot rods, and frankly were pretty mean machines.

   Neither of these - nor ANY other type of hot rod that I was around in the '60s - had a 502, tuned port injection, any trans with an "E" in its designation, 17" billet wheels, or digital instrumentation...  If you wanted 500 cubic inches, you looked for an old Caddy mill.  Not even sure you could buy a 17" tire in those days, and if you could, it was for a truck!

   We didn't slope the tail lights forward on '55 Chevys back then, either.  Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but this car is truly a very inventive Custom Show Car, but it is definitely NOT a '60s hot rod.  Retro or otherwise!

   One of my favorite cars of all time is the Nomad (specifically the '56 model), and I love seeing one that is done right ('right' being a subjective term, I know, but to me it means looking like a hot-rodder-built one from the 1960s, when I was hot rodding myself).  And I appreciate that this team wanted to do something "different" - but call it what it is, please.  A "60s hot rod themed" car it is not - period.