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Hagerty Employee

A Kansas rider in Southern California's motorcycle playground | Hagerty Media

A Kansas sunrise is one of the most beautiful things in the world. The way the sky bends as orange and yellow blossoms far and wide is nothing short of a spiritual experience. You know what else is beautiful though?
Pit Crew

I look forward to reading the reviews and impressions of the new bikes from the crew here at Hagerty.

..."curve of a a road..."?
Pit Crew

Arghh.. 3 name-drops of moto's then nothing? Not even where they were / went! This article was a ego trip for the author, what else? Editor JB: why would you allow a young in-experienced straight road Kansas flat lander to ride "twisties" in CA, and NOT even give out-of-his a-- opinions on the BIKES? Is this the "New" market philosophy for Hagerty? I don't get it = So I'm obviously not in that age demographic.
As a older motorcycle collector : Airheads & older BMW's, why should I be interested in this?

You shouldn't. You should immediately get back to endless discussions of mechanical arcana on 50-year-old BMWs.

It was an article about riding. Not everything has to be nuts and bolts.

Thanks for the entertaining read, Kyle. I do miss SoCal riding, having lived there for 40 years, but I can't really say I'm sorry I left.
Intermediate Driver

To answer your question: Because the article was one that focused on winding roads vs. straight roads, and the joy of a newcomer having discovered the difference. Opinions on bikes are a dime-a-dozen, and your unwarranted criticism is puzzling.

I am a native Californian, but after having moved to another state with more flat roads than not, I miss the morning rides on the Pacific Coast Highway north of San Francisco--- especially on weekdays when tourist traffic was minimized.

Advanced Driver

Had many memorable rides there back in the day, from SoCal to points North, were Hwy 33, Sequoia National Park, non-permitted camping in Yosemite, and almost any one of the canyons off the coast inland. Gotta watch your lane-splitting in CA, though; there's a type that likes to swerve into you, and I can recall a couple times my bars just ticked some jerk's rearview mirror. The bike was also a clever way to get into the LBGP, riding through the gate & past Security with what looked like credentials, as though my buddy & I owned the place...we still laugh at that stunt...
Pit Crew

attaboy Kyle. I'm a born & raised Chicago boy myself who moved to SoCal 20 yrs ago with my '89 Vmax (still mint!). To this day, I'm still amazed & awestruck by the inexhaustible canyon roads out here. Come back out & do it again. It never gets old.

Live next door to this, smart not coming here, hear sirens just about every weekend.

The twisting two-lane Ortega Highway, part of the State Route 74 (SR 74), is one of California's bloodiest drives. This scenic highway has a killer reputation, especially for motorcyclists and has been rated as one of the deadliest roads in the U.S
New Driver

The most important thing was missing from this account.
Where did you go? What were your impressions of the various roads and twisting canyons..
Isn't that what the story was supposed to be about?

Glad you enjoyed your visit here ! .

I moved out to So. Cal. decades ago and still love riding / driving the twisty back roads .

It really doesn't matter what road when you're trying to explain to other flat landers why you had so much fun .

Do come back and visit please , part of what makes this interesting state so much fun is meeting other people .

To day's old British car run was a hoot ~ my vintage BMC product is broken (I know, how unusual for an elderly British car) so I drove my forty year old Mercedes 4 cylinder Diesel taxi and had no trouble leaving the Sports Cars behind, at least on the level and down hill parts =8-) .

Intermediate Driver

I loved the reference to keeping the phone in the pocket and not needing to know your location!
I think the only way the ride could have been more fun would be with a 40+ year old BMW motorcycle. I always thought the R75/5 was the motorcycle equivalent of a 2002. I suspect that if you were given the opportunity, Sam, you would agree!
Pit Crew

In early 70's would leave the North Park neighborhood where I lived while in the Navy, catch 62 to 67 to 78 then caught 79 and 74 to Palm Springs. Would get a Date Shack in Indio as a side trip and then a burger at Mr. Meat in Palm Springs. Then make the run back. Started with a Suzuki 350 twin. Had Vesco mod the 350 and each trip was a true learning experience. Always a great time even solo.

Great story.

Always ride your own ride. Don’t try to keep up with those that are comfortable going faster. If you’re riding over your head- that’s when you get in trouble.