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A dozen forgotten Ferraris discovered in a field | Hagerty Media

It's not terribly uncommon to find a car in some form of neglect or disrepair, tucked beside a barn or sitting fallow in a field. Tom Cotter has made his livelihood tracking them down and documenting them in our Barn Find Hunter video series.
Pit Crew

As a kid my grandfather drove an Opel GT.  This man was an engineer at Lockheed Aircraft and used it to race his buddy to Vegas on Friday nights for some poker before returning home to the San Fernando Valley for a late dinner.  He would spin tales of beating the Ferrari due to fuel consumption.  The truth is the more he talked about that Dino the more I loved that car.  

Having always appreciated Ferrari's as some of the best looking design work, it is a little sad to see those cars sitting in a field and not one of them in my garage.  Maybe I need to dig a little harder for a project car than the last three.

Glad to hear all but two have new homes.