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Hagerty Employee

A cynic's guide to mentoring the next generation

Editor's Note: Welcome to "Low Class Yuppie", a new column by Midwest malcontent and stand-up comedian Cameron VanDerHorst. In recognition of Cam's reputation for pushing the limits, I've taken the pace car off these columns, so to speak. Some of what he writes may be offensive. Some may be funny.

Wow, Cam... I thought we were friends...

Dig the Miata though. If you ever want to sell it cheap, I need a new off roader for dirt racing.
Intermediate Driver

I'll be very impressed if this can be kept up on a weekly basis.
Advanced Driver

Change just a few words, and all of this is true for guitars, too. I think it comes with the Y chromosome.
Advanced Driver

Can't believe you forgot to mention how mufflers are gay and lame. The mufflers were totally the biggest thing holding back the 318 in the truck I drove in high school.

Also, I'm really glad I don't actually know. But aren't a good many of those e girls biologically not 100% chicks?? That'll lead to other problems but at least nobody's getting knocked up.
Intermediate Driver

never in my entire life did i think this line of questioning would appear in a hagerty comment section

Trenchant timely social comment with the tone to match. No wonder Mr. Baruth hired you. You have style, insight, and attitude; I hope to read more of it.
New Driver

Exception to the SN95 solid axle rule: 1999-2004 Cobra, all have IRS. Nice read and look forward to many more
Intermediate Driver

Ah... A young Jack. Can't tell if this is vitriol aimed at the older generations or satire aimed at the younger. But, as mentioned below, be impressive to keep this up every week...
Intermediate Driver

I'll respond as a car enthusiast in my late 20s who doesn't necessarily disagree with you. It is definitely tiresome meeting "car people" my age-ish who force me to look at pictures of their clapped out TSX or SC300. However, part of it is that even for reputable young professionals (thats yo-pros for you yuppie types), something like a C5 corvette will be almost un-insurable until you hit at LEAST 26. I remember trying to quote out a 2012 Coyote GT when i first graduated school and being met with what i would kindly call "inhospitable service" and then finally a "f*ck you" quote to make me walk away. My old WRX cost me more to insure per month than my little 3 car collection (stock B8 S4, original Z32 Z, and a del sol SI for credibility) does now. so i understand WHY young folks gravitate towards oddballs and sedans especially in their early 20s. not to mention as an increasing number of young folks live in densely populated urban areas, they can maybe afford to park 1 car, with 2 just being totally out of the question, so they need a "do it all" car and a beater 335 sedan sounds like the ""perfect"" 1 car solution for them. give a man a 15k bonus in kentucky, he will find a nice C5. give a man a 15k bonus in new york city, its going to rent increases and being ghosted by a bumble chick after a $200 dinner again.

If you can't say anything complimentary.............................................
Intermediate Driver

+1 for Necronomicon. Genuine LOL several times. Looking forward to the next one!

The SN95 has really grown on me in my rapidly advancing middle age.
Pit Crew

Ha, I look forward to reading more from you. As a mid 20's, Solid Axle new edge Mustang owner, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. I'm surprised you never mentioned the over-use of hashtags and trap rap songs that most tend to post on a seemingly routine basis.
Pit Crew

Definitely laughing at myself with this one. Keep em coming.
Pit Crew

Make sure to rivet/tape/weld/bolt/glue fender flares on the car for all the extra tire necessary for your touge down to the local parking lot.

Do Singers next.