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A Corvette race against time

“My other car is a Corvette,” Larry told the girl as he opened the passenger door and ushered her inside. “Well, it’s on order, anyway.” Her response was a sustained giggle, followed by open laughter, and who could have blamed her? The old Datsun was clearly on its last legs, with a wooden 2x4 propping up a collapsed driver’s seatback. Larry was telling the truth, but there was no way to prove it; his order for a mahogany ‘76 would end up sitting at the factory for quite a while. “I wanted a four-speed manual,” he recalls, “and they were only shipping automatics.” After six months or so, his dealer called and told him his ship had come in. In the meantime, Larry had closed a very different sort of deal: that laughing girl in the passenger seat of a worn-out sedan had agreed to be his wife, modest personal transportation notwithstanding.


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Everyone should own a Vette at least once in their life . . . more than one preferably !  Good job Hagerty!

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