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A Corvette race against time

“My other car is a Corvette,” Larry told the girl as he opened the passenger door and ushered her inside. “Well, it’s on order, anyway.” Her response was a sustained giggle, followed by open laughter, and who could have blamed her? The old Datsun was clearly on its last legs, with a wooden 2x4 propping up a collapsed driver’s seatback. Larry was telling the truth, but there was no way to prove it; his order for a mahogany ‘76 would end up sitting at the factory for quite a while. “I wanted a four-speed manual,” he recalls, “and they were only shipping automatics.” After six months or so, his dealer called and told him his ship had come in. In the meantime, Larry had closed a very different sort of deal: that laughing girl in the passenger seat of a worn-out sedan had agreed to be his wife, modest personal transportation notwithstanding.


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Hagerty Employee

So awesome to see this come together!

Hagerty Employee

This was just fantastic. Wonderful story. 


Thank you so much Hagerty for what you did for Larry. It is good people like you as well as those connected with Chevrolet and Reliable Transportation that makes this world a better place to live. 


Wow, great story, and great job by all involved, Chevy, Tony Hull, Jim Frageau at Blasius Chevrolet-Cadillac, Bob Sellers at Reliable Carriers - bravo!

Intermediate Driver

Well it must be raining in my office, as my eyes are wet.  



Times 2. Luckily I am working remotely so no witnesses . Yes! Big men do cry


Nice story!  Also nice that a local dealership was involved.  I have purchased at Blasius before, good dealership.


I’m 73 and had Corvettes since I was 21. I currently own a  red 62, but that’s not why I am writing.  I share Larry’s love for Corvettes.  It’s kinda like the old saying ‘if I hafta explain, you wouldn’t understand’.  I am humbled & in awe with all the people who made this happen.  God bless them all for their love & compassion for making Larry’s dream come true.  And...God bless & keep you Larry & enjoy that beautiful C8.


Awesome story! I am amazed and touched by the efforts to get this done by all involved. Car people are the best and are always willing to step up and help other car people.
Intermediate Driver

Almost a ditto:   I'm '72 and was 21 when I got my first '62.  I now have a Black '62 and totally concur with your "God bless them" for making it happen.   As for Larry, you have fun in your dream car buddy!


Thanks to Hagerty and to all that made it happen!  :^)  A real positive thing you did.


Im 75 and own a 1978 Corvette Pace Car..........and agree with you in tottal


Great story and sounds like the dealership he bought it from was also great. I wonder if they have any more open spots I might slip into? Truly a beautiful looking automobile.

Pit Crew

WOW! Great story! Kudos to all the co-conspirators for making this dream come true. Restores one's faith in humanity. Enjoy, Larry!

New Driver

Great story Hagerty, nice work 🙂

Intermediate Driver

I hope Larry has a chance to light up those big rear skins a time of two.


Good Day - what a great story - whether you are a Corvette lover or not (I happen to be one with a 90 ZR1 + 96 LT4 and 00 coupe) it's so nice to read about good hearted people doing exceptionally nice things for good people. Larry has a beautiful car and I hope he can enjoy it for many miles. As I've grown older (grown older / not grown up) I thrive on stories like this. My very best to you Larry


Great story, wonderful contribution for such a committed individual - enjoy!!


There are a lot of great people in this world and it is great to see all the above step in to make one long time car enthusiast dream come true under these uncertain times. A big shout out to all involved.  Ted in Ontario,Canada

Hagerty Employee

Here's to hoping Larry has more time than expected to enjoy his new car. 


Great story! I'm hoping you're making a video of this. It's great to see a company like yours make something like this so personal.

New Driver

Beautiful story! 


Very cool

Pit Crew

Great story, great people, way to go America!


For a car lover, that story was WAY better than ANY romance novel could be written. Thank you for sharing . . . and for what you did for a Corvette lover. Amazing. 

New Driver

Car people are great people. I love how people will come together to make stories like this better. Enjoy the drives Larry. 


That's a pretty cool story. It's nice to know that there are still great people in our great country willing to help deserving people.

Pit Crew

I'm a car guy (52 owned at last count) and a three time cancer survivor.  I think I understand what a celebration of life and love this is for Larry and I congratulate him.  To hear what everyone did on behalf of him and his situation just confirms, to me, that there are still some really fine people out there.  Thanks

Intermediate Driver

That was a wonderful thing you did for Larry.  I live not too far from Tacoma, so maybe one day in the not too far future, I will try to get in touch with Larry, and we can go for a cruise in our Corvettes. 

New Driver

To all those involved that made this happen, that is what America is about, helping others when needed.  Larry, as an owner of a '55 and a '93 Ruby Red 40th anniversary, I get it.


Praying that you get much more time than you think to drive your new baby...


Great story, congratulations, may you enjoy her for many years to come...

Advanced Driver

Everyone should own a Vette at least once in their life . . . more than one preferably !  Good job Hagerty!

New Driver

That is what Corvettes fans are all about-good people helping good people having fun with cars. Wonderful story-thanks for sharing. Corvettes are in your heart. 


With all that is going on in the world, it’s stories like these that bring back that sense of community and spirit that we need to hear about. I became a first time corvette owner recently after dreaming about it for years. I feel a sense of attachment to Larry and the all the people involved to make dreams come true. Makes me proud to be an American!

Intermediate Driver

My compliments to ALL involved in this story. Take away what type of vehicle it is and insert your own preference, this story warms my heart. 


Lesson Learned :  Don't wait for bad news, Go buy that dream car !  You can't take it with you.


That was a fantastic story and what being car guys are all about. I wish Larry to fully enjoy his C8 to the max. Now I know why I have have been a life long Chevy owner. Your the best and thank you Hagerty for bringing the story to us all. 

Intermediate Driver

Great story! A good reminder that there are many, many good people left in this world. We need more stories like this! Also, it's a challenge to the rest of us: Go live while you're alive.

Pit Crew

What a great story! Thanks for publishing it and to all the wonderful people that made it possible. Larry, as a cancer survivor a positive attitude is very important to winning this battle. That new C8 should help you stay positive. 

New Driver

Wonderfully touching story.

Pit Crew

The sun is shining outside my office window but it sure is misty inside today...


Larry, from one Corvette guy to another, I wish you many smiles and happy miles in your new C8...keep 'er going!


To All who made this incredible act of kindness happen, THANK YOU! You make us car people proud!



I have purchased a vehicle from a Blasius dealer in Connecticut. Probably the easiest car purchase I've ever made--no pressure and no games. So, it doesn't surprise me they stepped up to make this happen.


Thanks for sharing how positive people can make positive things happen for people that deserve the rush that a new Corvette can bring..


WOW, that is one of the most amazing and touching stories I have heard. This is what this hobby is all about, the love for the cars and the great people that keep it going, and it is hard for people outside the hobby to understand our love and devotion to these cars. I wish Larry well, and I hope he enjoys the C8 for as long as he can!

Intermediate Driver

You did good!


That story brings to mind a song by Brooks and Dunn -Only in America

Pit Crew

Great story. Nice to hear an uplifting story during this time of uncertaintly. Thanks Haggarty and all who participated. May be raining a little bit here as well


What a wonderful story!  And what a beautiful Corvette!  Words just don't cover how wonderful this whole experience was for this man!  A lot of wonderful people made this happen!


Larry here; To Jack Baruth at Hagerty, Tony Hull and Jim Frageau of Blasius Chevrolet-Cadillac in Waterbury, CT, thank you, thank you and thank you. After communicating with all those other dealers I never thought this would happen. You guys rocked my world and I will for ever be indebted to you all. This is truly a dream come true. The weather report sez clear skies and 80 this weekend---it's road trip time.