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Hagerty Employee

A '69 Charger with a Hellcat heart, Porsche eats $113M for EV independence, a boutique Brit with Ford GT grunt

Intake: Four-time Bathurst 1000 winner Greg Murphy is now the proud owner of Ringbrothers' latest restomod. The years-long effort resulted in a Hellcat-powered muscle car riding on a one-off chassis. Though it's heading back to New Zealand, the 4000-hour project (dubbed "CAPTIV") remains right-hand drive, where Murphy will take possession of the supercharged, six-speed beast.
Hagerty Employee

noble is still kicking! fun to see something analog-oriented that's not several million dollars, as awesome as the T.50 is
Pit Crew

A little nit-picking here, contrary to the text, the Mopar is left hand drive. i.e. the driver sits on the left, normal for countries where we drive on the right side of the road. Right hand drive, aka "wrong hand drive" is for the UK and others who drive on the left.
Hagerty Employee

Error on our part. The car is LHD as you note, and the entry has been updated to clarify/reflect that. Thanks for the sharp eye.


I'll always be convinced that this flu-thing was concocted to hide the bad idea of moving the Detroit Auto Show into the summer. People attended that event when it was -14 degrees because there was noting else to do here in January. Whereas in the summer, we try to cram 365 days of outdoor activity into the 22-25 days it isn't raining in June/July/August. A summer auto show would have flopped harder than Rosie O'Donnell on rollerblades.

I like the Challenger. Looks great, and hugely restrained for the Ringbrothers.

Mitsubishi hinting at Ralliart again? Hard pass. Give me an EVO or a Pajero/Montero, not some CUV with a CVT.

NO EXCUSES ! That Charger requires the “Pistol-Grip” especially after maintaining the stock (somewhat) body. The added body mods complement the Charger today and that generation of Chargers styling. The supercharger breaching the hood is a plus as all motor options of the original Charger maintained the factory flat hood. What a great looking car! Put a pistol grip on it !

First, how is $113M a lot of money to porsche lol
Two, porsche can spin the pull out however they want, nobody believes VW anyways, they are proven liars and cheaters.

Sorry, Finnigan and Freiburger already did a Hellcat Charger on Roadkill, and the General Mayhem will never be dethroned! This is a pale (but admittedly probably easier to live with) imitation.
Hagerty Employee

Mike Copeland did a Hellcat Charger on Roadkill! He's the Hellcat swap genius.
Advanced Driver

They pulled the Hellcat out of the Charger and went back to a 440.