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Hagerty Employee

A $172K Subaru? This 22B STi brought big bucks, and for good reason

Brace yourselves, folks: The Subaru 22B STi you’re looking at just sold for $172,000 at the Silverstone Classic Online Auction. We covered this 22B in detail earlier this month, when we predicted the car would sell above its high estimate of $101,000, but none of us expected the 22B to best that figure by 63 percent. The chance to pick up a clean 22B doesn’t come around often, so conditions were ripe for a bidding war.


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New Driver

Thanks for covering this. The JDM genre truly attracts a different demographic from the hot rod and muscle car guys who have built and dominated the car scene for so long. Interestingly, both generation x and the tech millennials equally appreciate these cars due to their first exposure as high school aspirations or childhood video game hero cars.  I can envision many uninitiated car folks thinking this price must be mad. However, when combined with the Colin McRae legacy, rarity, and bonkers WRC looks with performance to match, I think this price is about right. A sub 300 mi model of this is currently listed for $370,000. 


I bought my '85 Supra about 7 years ago because I couldn't afford a Muscle/Pony car of my liking. Even with my "American Iron" background I'd always admired them. Meeting up with the "import people" has been a great experience, and they welcomed me with open arms.  I always knew "We're All Car People", and I'm glad to say it's true.