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Hagerty Employee

A $127,000 wrecked Jaguar and a $300,000 Integrale mark a wild weekend of auctions | Hagerty Media

The market for modern classics continues its steep climb with the news that a 1995 Lancia Delta HF Integrale just sold for a record-breaking $309,099. Meanwhile, the $127,463 purchase of a crashed 1960 Jaguar XK150 proves that collectors are prepared to invest in serious reconstruction for the right car.
Pit Crew

Okay, that wrecked Jaguar takes the cake. Geezus.

Sure looks like there's a lot of Bondo in that right rear quarter, and a rust hole to boot. Someone out there is crazier than I am or they know something about the car that makes it special, I have no idea what that could be though.

There's absolutely no way that is a good candidate for a restoration. Sitting in a garage for more than 20 years wrecked is bad enough but there is absolutely nothing salvageable about the whole front end or the right quarter. Where would you even begin to locate the myriad of decommissioned parts for it? I guess since it still has a seat in it there will be a butt to fill it.

From the photos the radiator is collapsed in two directions, the entire front suspension and steering assembly is wiped out, all the sheet metal is gone, its likely that the cooling fan is laid up on the water pump inside the engine bay too. The windshield is broken, no doubt the driveshaft got slammed into the transmission casing in the crash. Congrats to the seller and good luck to the lunatic *ahem* buyer who dropped cash on this.
New Driver

Perhaps there's another buyer out there who'd like my '59 150 OTS, a solid #3 driver,
for similar money?f There just has to be more to this story....

I'm thinking the buyer might be best described as "Optimistic". 🙂

The Jaguar XK150 is a 3.8L and not a 3.4L. If it is an "S", being a 3.8 it could fetch $250K -$300K fully restored to concours standard.
Community Manager

Thanks for that, we have made the change! 


Perhaps someone more knowledgeable then me can answer this...are the salvageable parts on this car worth the price?
Advanced Driver

That Jag looks like a drunk coming in after a hard night of barhopping.