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Hagerty Employee

985-mile S2000 CR shatters auction record with six-figure sale | Hagerty Media

Remember when Johnny Tran invested $100,000 under the hood of his S2000 for Race Wars? Back in 2001, that seemed like a lot of money to put in this little Honda two-door. Today, someone just spent that figure plus $17,111 for a stock S2000 CR on Bring a Trailer. That's right.
Intermediate Driver

I can understand this. Not my kind of car but for those who like it, it is the best of the best. There will not likely be a second chance.
New Driver

I am not at all surprised, I have been saying this for years ....everyone laughed when I said original, unmolested S2000's were going to go through the roof one day, the cars that fell prey to the "Fast & Furious" crowd with their aftermarket, modified or personalized tacked on items and body kits would be worthless. Honda cannot and will not make a replacement for this car due to federal/global regulations so they did the next best thing, set up a parts online catalog and began manufacturing new components to keep their last iconic roadster on the road. I'm grateful for that and intend to keep all of mine. My next prediction? ... You will see the survivor, single owner, bone stock, meticulously maintained, never wrecked or modified, matching number base model S2000's (regardless of mileage) cars crossing the auction blocks at Mecum and Barrett/Jackson in the low $90,000 range in 5-10 years time. CR's matching the same criteria will be closer to $200,000.
You heard it here first. 😉
Pit Crew

"worthless" is pretty harsh. They will still be(and are, even now) worth some money. modified cars will almost never be worth what a pristine stock example will be, regardless of the make or model

New Driver

@s2kx4 I agree with @ten_second_ride  there is a market for skillfully modified Japanese cars. Just look to the Skyline market, well done mods can bring more money than a stock car in driver condition.


For the sake of argument on your value points, I would expect to see NSX values rise proportionally to S2000's if that happened. They're more exclusive and widely accepted as the Japanese super car. Personally, I would be sad to see the S2000 market get out of reach to the average collector. The CR is certainly going to lead the pack, but the S2000 is still a common car, so to reliably see gains like that would be newsworthy in my opinion. Time will tell....

New Driver

Will the buyer actually pay? That's been a problem on BaT and more recently eBay.
Intermediate Driver

Extremely low mileage drove this auction. But as somebody else said this car is "not my cup of tea", but to each their own.... I just think what else you could buy for 117K and go ugh!!! But those cars wouldn't have less than 1K miles.... I also think of the expression "A fool and his money are soon separated".......

I am with you - that is a pile of cash (assuming the deal was consummated) for yes, a rare car, but without a compelling provenance on this vehicle, it seems wildly over priced. Like $30k overpriced.

The Japanese make some fine sports cars and they are reliable drivers.Whats not to like?Glad to see they are getting the respect they deserve.
Pit Crew

This merely affirms the fact that the dilettante has assumed control.
New Driver

I'm an enthusiast but did I read this right? This car doesn't have a top at all??
Community Manager

No it has a hard top, though I don't know if this example has it.  And it's not called a Club Racer for no reason: the folding soft top only adds weight!