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Hagerty Employee

9 unexpected options that make a big difference in value

When a car comes up for auction, we've observed time and time again that the right options can tip the scales from a ho-hum, run-of-the-mill example to a record-setting sale that puts collectors on notice. Some cars get better results when painted a flashy color (Mopar muscle cars, we're looking at you), but it's most often the performance options that garner the biggest upcharge.
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Intermediate Driver

Let's all get real here for a moment. Some of the prices of collector cars today are so out of control only the extremely wealthy can buy them. It has gotten ridiculous as to what a car they never intend to drive must have. None of these are daily drivers not even close. They are garage and trailer queens to look at and do not touch. Some people who need these things should first seek help from therapy.
Intermediate Driver

You’d be hard pressed to find a Rolls Royce Phantom without automatic transmission so I can’t see it raising values much. As for E types and Ferrari Dinos air conditioning was not an option desired in their European home countries so will be rare indeed and may indeed add to prices in U.S.

For the most part, I enjoy reading these articles and comments. However, there are times when I find one that is a complete waste of my time. Such as this one.

My idea of options adding value to a vehicle are somewhat broken down below…
1.) Daytona Charger Option for Charger
2.) Superbird Option for Roadrunner
3.) Charger 500 for 69 Charger
4.) 426 HEMI Option for any vehicle it was offered in
5.) “Shaker” Hood Option
6.) Rubber Bumper Option
7.) Pistol Grip Option
I’ll stop at Lucky 7 with so, so many more !

Too bad GM, FoMoCo, and AMC didn't have any options worth liking, huh?  😋

Intermediate Driver

So it seems that no matter what, there's always a supply of buyers with "more dollars than sense"!
A hundred G's for a silly set of wheels? Great. Do they improve you health or make you a better person? Unlikely. Most of us mortal car guys don't play in that league...and don't care to. I know a guy that really paid up for a dumb Corvette. He still has the worst breath in America! Just sayin'!
Happy Motoring, Guys!...and if you have to suffer a 911 without the slant-nose...Boo Hoo!
Pit Crew

What a joke. Seriously? You may be fine for my auto insurance but your articles leave me high and dry. I couldn't care one bit about these cars which seems to be what you are stuck on mostly and why I don't visit the web site that much anymore.