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9 overlooked '80s and '90s alternatives to the BMW 5 Series | Hagerty Media

Stick a pin in any year from the last five decades and, in the eyes of the critics, the BMW 5 Series has probably been the executive car to have. The German car company nailed the perceived sense of quality, delivered a spot-on user experience, and soon found it could charge a premium for such things.

Why not the Taurus SHO.
Intermediate Driver

It really bothers me that the automotive community treats the gen 1 and gen 2 SHO as the red headed step child. A really phenomenal sport sedan. I had a 95 ATX that my oldest daughter learned to drive in. She had no idea what is was other than her dad's 4 door and did not understand why all the boys at school were drooling over her dad's car. We drove it up to a little over 200,000 miles before the A/C compressor failed and the transmission started to slip. I now have a 93 ATX with 57000 miles and thoroughly enjoy driving it and love the attention it garners. .....and I do not have to have classic car insurance. I have agreed value with my homeowners, business, and other vehicle insurance for $38.00 per month with no restrictions and a $500 deductible. Where did I go wrong? Ha! Ha!