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Hagerty Employee

9 out-there supercars of the 21st century

Supercars, by their very shock-and-awe factor, are often the gateway to lifelong car enthusiasm. By the 2000s, inspired visionaries from all over the world were vying to capture the car-loving world’s attention with bold and ambitious takes on what defined a supercar in the 21st century.


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Intermediate Driver

You'd already own the local PD. Joking! 

Intermediate Driver

You rich guys amaze me. You get something for free (These Articles) and feel so privileged you still ***** about something so trivial as misspelling . Come down off your self imposed throne and join the rest of us.

New Driver

Any real Ford GT at all should have been considered for this list. That is all.

Pit Crew

Nice list of supercars. Good article. Some well known and some unknown to myself. Along the same lines, let us not forget the “Fastest car you can build in your own garage”, the Factory Five GTM. Yes, for the DIY type and for a fraction of the price of any of these you can have the speed, looks and pride of having built it yourself. 


The only car I can think of that is missing a deserved spot is the Hennessey Venom GT. Of the lot, I would take the Mosler. 


Hold up, why isn’t the 1969 MACH 1 on the list? What am I missing? Please enlighten me, I think that deserves a spot, don’t you?


- TOPGUN.....

New Driver

You forgot the C-6 Z06. Double its price and it would fit right in here.


The GTM is a kit car, it's not even in the same realm at these cars when it comes to engineering,  technology and superb fit and finish.  

Pit Crew

“You forgot the C-6 Z06. Double its price and it would fit right in here.”


Pit Crew

Frankly, I am not impressed.  On the real life street, no "super car" is quicker than my 1973 MG BGT.  Timidity reigns, I'm sorry.  But every "hot" car ends up in my rear view mirror.  Of course, it is not the car, it is the pilot.  I am cheerfully entertaining sharing of car keys!