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9 of our all-time favorite wagons

Station wagons are in many ways the unsung heroes of the automotive hobby. Vintage longroofs possess a unique, nostalgic appeal: You're far more likely to have grown up with a brick-shaped Volvo or lozenge-like Roadmaster in your family driveway than a Ferrari Daytona. Station wagons do "understated cool" superbly, but their ranks also include some truly exotic stuff, like Audi's absurd RS 6 Avant, headed to U.S. shores for the first time this year. No matter your budget, wagons are eminently practical and inclusive; you can pack in your family, friends, and even the dog if you don't care too much about the carpet.


From four figures to six, Hagerty's Brad Phillips and Colin Comer rounded up 9 of their favorite wagons for your enjoyment in a recent livestream. The theme was inspired by the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, Phillips says. And really, any list of longroofs that starts with that "damn fine automobile" is bound to impress.


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I woulda left off the Magnum & put upa '70s Holden 4WD. They looked like ours of the same era (gm's " '67 country squire") chebby but were way beefier, durable, brutes that could run the Oz outback for thousands of mi a trip. Also trade a beemer for the audi?


Known as the WagonMan around these prts I like the 50s plym suburban, many of the Wolwos (start w/the Duette & hit the safe then sports waggys) and some of the Japanese (esp the pre-mini van MVPs - toy tercelle, honda vanogan, Mutsu/Eagle Summit, Nissan Stanza...or the others of the 90s accord & corolla, camery).

Like any automotive Q it all ways starts w/the Application Q - canyon carver, grocery getter, classic, dependable, like 'hands on tools' every wkend? (Italian/Brit) I do!

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