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9 of our all-time favorite wagons

Station wagons are in many ways the unsung heroes of the automotive hobby. Vintage longroofs possess a unique, nostalgic appeal: You're far more likely to have grown up with a brick-shaped Volvo or lozenge-like Roadmaster in your family driveway than a Ferrari Daytona. Station wagons do "understated cool" superbly, but their ranks also include some truly exotic stuff, like Audi's absurd RS 6 Avant, headed to U.S. shores for the first time this year. No matter your budget, wagons are eminently practical and inclusive; you can pack in your family, friends, and even the dog if you don't care too much about the carpet.


From four figures to six, Hagerty's Brad Phillips and Colin Comer rounded up 9 of their favorite wagons for your enjoyment in a recent livestream. The theme was inspired by the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, Phillips says. And really, any list of longroofs that starts with that "damn fine automobile" is bound to impress.


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New Driver

What, nothing from the '50's!!??  Seriously?  I totally agree with glee3737, Ben, Scott C, Grumpy one and RA.  I'd have added the '57 Plymouth Sport Suburban wagon, just one example of many from the fabulous fifties.

Pit Crew

That ugly, bloated Roadmaster, but no Subaru?  They perfected the all-wheel-drive wagon.  I remember a snow and ice storm in Bellingham, WA that saw my 76 Scout II stuck in my driveway, and the only way we got around town was in my girlfriend's Subie.   Or what about the classic yellow 2 box Volvo?  Subaru and Volvo are the quintessential wagons of the 80s and 90's, at least here in the Northwest.  


The Nomad & Vista Cruisers should obviously be up there instead of the Suburban and Shamu IMHO, but I agree that the '67 Country Sedan was the best example of this car, in '68 they went to side by side headlamps and it lost it's cool 😉 (I may be biased, having owned a '67, '68, and then a '66 in the mid & late 1970's as I struggled to keep a running car after high school. I'd also nominate a 1963 Buick LeSabre wagon to bump any of the more modern rides off the list. (the 401 engine from a totaled Wildcat under the hood would be nice, too) 😉  

New Driver

VW Typ III Variant/Squareback...the cool factor of an air-cooled VW with excellent hauling capacity minus the stratosphere-pricing of a Typ II.



New Driver



Pit Crew

I don't know how there's a list of cool wagons that doesn't include the CTS-V.

New Driver

Back in my college days I had a '66 Chevy Carryall (predecessor to the suburban) and being in forestry school you can only imagine where I ended up driving that "go anywhere" truck. It also served as the Boy Scout Troop equipment hauler and even did an extended road trip all the way out to New Mexico and back to Ohio. Loved that vehicle!

Pit Crew

Where's the '55-'57 Chevy Nomad Wagons? Those were the BEST wagons EVER !!!


The one they really forgot was the Willys Overland Station Wagons of '46 thru' '48 years, these were sold by the many thousands, I happen to have one here on the farm, it's been restored.  Looks like any WW2 Jeep in front, flat grille, the rest is a station wagon, they came in both 4wd and 2wd, no conversion needed.  Used the Go Devil engine, later models used the Hurricane F-head, a lot of those still around.


Awhhh, no Chrysler Wagons on yur list!!..Mother Mopar produced some GREAT Wagons over the period of time wagons were made by Chrysler..(I know the Dodge Magnum was featured, I'm talking about 60's-70's}..... 


Ohh, the small and cute Morris Minor woody wagon has been forgotten! By the way seems a very tough jon to restore, since all wood has to be bent by steam and so on.


Ah, you forget your roots! In the age of the super wagon (1967) there was also the Dodge 440 Magnum RT Coronet Wagon.  Also available with factory 4 speed and 383 & 440.  I'm not sure if it was available with the 426 Hemi or not!!

Pit Crew

'67 Country Squire? '96 Roadmaster? What so special about those? And sorry, the Suburban is not a station wagon. For wagons with real style, you need to recall the 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 and its ilk- a hardtop body style sans a B-pillar, long, swoopy lines, chrome everywhere, including the dash. Yum!

Advanced Driver

Four of these rides have manufacturer stock photos, which speaks to their unaffordability or rarity.  I, too, think the Suburban should be deleted and Vista Cruiser (2nd gen) should be added.  My personal favorite on this list is (of course) the Magnum. I'd love to have one if it didn't have to sit outside.  Particularly the 2008 model. 2008 was, I believe, the last and lowest production year for the Magnum.  It was also the nicest looking, most in demand version, with the new, more subtle and elegant headlight design.  The 2005-07 headlights were hideous.

Intermediate Driver

We've owned two wagons over the years. First was the pre-cursor to the AMC Eagle (or co-cursor?)... the AMC Hornet wagon. Ours had a small block V-8 and auto tranny. The car was so light, and with the V-8 I could out-drag almost any other vehicle off a red light. A true 'sleeper' of a wagon. Very nice looking as well. Eventually the timing belt started slipping. You'd turn off the car and hear a 'gronch', which meant - time to open the hood and shift the spark plug wires on the distributor by one position. Did that for years before finally giving to my dad to play with.


The second station wagon may well have taken the title as the heaviest wagon ever made. It was a 1980 Plymouth Volare wagon. It was brown. It was HEAVY. It rode like a boat but had lots of power (another V-8 with auto). A bed mattress flew off a truck on the 120km highway going to the rockies one day right in front of my wife (truck owner was swerving in the wind) and my wife had to drive over this mattress or take high speed evasive action. She chose to drive over the mattress and the Volare never even flinched.


But trying to turn or stop that thing on Alberta -30C icy roads... not going to happen. We eventually traded it in on something newer, but it was a rock solid wagon.


Do you guys have your heads in the clouds (or someplace further south)? Hagerty, I think, should be more in tune with their readers & their old American cars. I've owned both a Roadmaster Estate wagon & Dodge Magnum & really liked them but I couldn't compare either to my 57 Chevy Bel Air 4Dr. wagon. If I wanted a review of European cars I'd buy Car & Driver. And while I at it, would someone scrap out that Ford Country Squire?

Intermediate Driver

Those are nice, but the Olds Vista Cruiser wagons do it for me. 

Intermediate Driver

How about the Vega wagon? 

Pit Crew

I am surprised not to see hardtop wagons in this list... a great period design to give sportier, open air riding and styling on a practical wagon.  All of the 'big four' (GM, Ford, Chrysler, and American Motors) dabbled in these with some striking designs in the late 1950s into the early 1960s.  A couple of my favorites would include the 1960-62 full size Chrysler and Dodge wagons, and the 1959-60 Mercury wagons... but they all were great examples of style and innovation at work!

New Driver

How about a 1954 Dodge Coronet Suburban Wagon-All steel except the monstrous 

steering wheel

Intermediate Driver

Hey, it's the well known "2 DR" Nomad wagon which was 1955 - 1957;  but they also made a neat looking & rare "2 DR" Nomad wagon in 1958;  Finally the last years of the famous "2 DR" nomads were actually 1959 - 1961    

New Driver

I learned to drive in a 1966  Mercury Colony Park. The wood grain failed and my mom got creative with  sandpaper and a quart of Spar varnish. My  dad tried to tell  her that there was no wood. He didn’t stop her.

They ordered a 1973 Buick Century wagon that was very green. I got  into  plenty of trouble in that wagon. Alas, I was a late bloomer. My many dreams of leveling those seats  with a real girl failed to happen...

I drive a Prius v wagon now.


If you're going to include the Suburban then you need to add the International Travelall, which was everything the Suburban was and more. My father had one in the 60's and we managed to routinely fit 3 go-karts and 4 people into it. And you forgot the most beautiful wagon ever made, the wagon version of the Citroen DS, which actually improved on the looks of the sedan. Pinto - my first company car was a Pinto station wagon, dark copper with woodgrain siding and again, the wagon version improved greatly on the looks of the sedan. I must have gotten the only decent Pinto ever made - never had any trouble with it.

New Driver

You guys forget this one every time, 440 4 barrel, dual exhaust w/ towing pkg!


Pit Crew

PACKARD station sedan, THE BESR

Pit Crew

No classic station wagon list is complete if it doesn't contain the Volvo 245.

New Driver

Let’s see how many wagons have I owned and loved - 66 and 67 VW squarebacks 70’s Volvo 240 and 80’s 740 turbo wagon, 94 BMW 525it, 2006 Cadillac SRX, 2010 Ford Flex and my current 2019 Ford Flex Limited awd loved them all!


A Brand New 1958 Buick Estate Wagon side by side with a 1958 Chrysler New Yorker Wagon, Fire Engine Red On the Penn Turn-Pike with ALL the kids waving at each other crawling around the Yogi Bear Picnic basket..... Now THOSE are Wagons......Why not make the Buick the factory pink option? Yabba, Dabba, Do......

New Driver

I've always loved volvo 240 wagons

Intermediate Driver

Nothing beats the old station wagons for beauty, comfort and utility.

The SUV's of today can't hold a candle to them.

Who in this world wouldn't want a Country Squire in there collection.

Rear facing rear seat, tail gate that opened both ways and room for the whole family, the family Dog and luggage galore.

And that 390 engine under the hood.   

New Driver

2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon.  Loved it.


 Some of these are not even wagons, they are early SUVs. Where are all the great wagons from the 50s?  I wouldn't trade my 1957 Ford Del Rio for any of these. 

 The 67 Ford w/ the 428 - 4spd is Bad ass...........

Intermediate Driver

The wording of the headline leads me to believe you have some more than 9 favorite wagons. Please share in part 2. I can't believe you have no 455 Vista Cruiser here. And were the photos of the Magnum prototype the best you could do? The production version never had a hood scoop, plus the headlights and fascia were a little different.


Great article that brings back some great memories.  I grew up in Country Squires, 8 kids and mom and dad all fit, that's why mom drove a Ford since only they offered 10 passenger seating.  And since I'm on the bottom end of the 8 I got to share the club seating in the rear with three of my sisters, one older, two younger.  The color of Tom Cotter's unit I think is Sauterne Gold, my mom had a 65 in that color and followed it up with a 72 red one, both sans a 428 with 4 speed and center console, that would have taken up a valuable passenger spot, which was needed unless they left me behind, which only happened once.  Everyone went out to dinner in the Wisconsin Dells and when they came back I was sitting on the motel stoop, ever since then role call took place before any family departure.


Thanks for the fond memories

New Driver

Our family owned a mid-70's red LTD wagon with fake wood grain sides and rear facing seats. But the best option was the AM FM, 8 track, CB radio that would fade out the radio or 8 track with, "Breaker, breaker 1-9, any smokies in your rear view?" Even though it had a B pillar, the door windows were frameless to give you that hardtop feel.


I’m very disappointed in this list. How can anybody even talk about wagons, without including the 1955-57 Nomad??? They are, by far, the nicest station wagons ever built! 

New Driver

Don't know where the '63-'66 Studebaker Wagonaires got lost to. Sliding roof wagons that showed a new side for versatility.

New Driver

We had a 1960 Plymouth Belvedere Station wagon, when I was a kid. What I remember are the fins and the endless room in the back where I would reside when we went on road trips. Long before we thought about seat belts.

Many years later, my brother and his wife drove cross country from St Paul to California for a visit in a 1972 Red Ford LTD Country Squire. Three kids in the back, suitcases on the roof. Looked like a modern day Grapes of Wrath without the grandma.

Pit Crew

Nomad ?

New Driver

Not sure how or why Australia is referred to as European by Comer. Perhaps time for a geography lesson?

Pit Crew

You didn’t mention the crossover Toyota Venza 2007-2015, AWD V6 is great in winter and towing. Should’ve kept in production. 

New Driver

My parents had a early 60s Chrysler wagon which was from a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. We even towed a mahogany ski boat with it.  Fabulous! Then we got a 55 Nomad which was beautiful but a bit awkward to get in the back seat and lower the tailgate but I still think was one of the most beautiful post war wagons ever built. Needs to be on the list. 


no 80s Malibu wagon?

they almost qualified as cool back in the day


How can you do an article on wagons and not include the Vistacruiser?  Now there's a wagon.

Pit Crew

 I occasionally had to drive that Buick, for beer-runs.  The rattling and noise of everything coming loose was frightening!  Perhaps the Audi, if it wasn't out of my price range... The Woodie... Cool, until whomever destroyed it by off-roading it.  The Mercedes, there you go!


No Cadillac CTS-V Wagon??

New Driver

You missed the Chevrolet Nomad!


What? No Vista Cruiser?


I understand why this wagon was missed  since only 5 were built. All 5 came in Metallic Pea with unmistakable Chevrobuick styling, extremely durable (supposedly could jump 100’ and keep on going), bumpers strong enough to pull a large dog, and a luggage rack big enough for a human body.  Nothing could ever beat the 1983 Queen Family Truckster.  The wagon superior to all wagons before and after it.  And remember, if you think you hate it now, just wait until you drive it!

Intermediate Driver

428, 4 speed, and buckets. That is one bad grocery getter! 
There was a group around the Twin Cities that used to dress up wagons. One was a white and gold 455 Hurst Olds. 
Another wagon I’ve never seen was a 1964 442. That year they actually made a few.