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9 nameplates used across multiple marques | Hagerty Media

Even back in the good ol' days when a car's alphanumeric badging actually told your what was going on under the hood, we preferred when cars had actual names like El Dorado and Falcon. Style and soul are important, and a name is part of that identity.
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Love this type of odd ball stuff, the Edsel`s actually weren`t that bad looking. Sometime unique is good.
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I was in Delhi and Jaipur a little over 10 years ago and yes, Ambassadors are all over! But I mainly saw them as taxi cabs and the like. Not sure if folks use them as every-day-drivers.
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And yes, there were so many Edsel's on this list!
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BSA Rocket 3 and Olds Rocket 88
Triumph Thunderbird and Ford well...Thunderbird
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Studebaker Land Cruiser and Toyota Land Cruiser.
Pit Crew

Buick Century, Toyota Century
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Does anyone review these articles for grammar and factual errors? There was the AMC Spirit and then there was the Dodge Spirit. The Dodge Spirit was manufactured in various models, trims and engine choices. And yes the R/T was the rarest with the Lotus developed 2.2L turbo III engine. But the Spirit was not a Shadow. The Shadow was a completely different model from Dodge. But your article is talking about Shadows...
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Plymouth and Chevrolet both used the Nomad name for their 2 door station wagons in the late 1950's.
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Comeon guys, if we are going for subtleties do it right...
Edsel eagle, amc eagle and don't leave out
Willys areo eagle! Whatever that was....
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Studebaker Challenger and
Dodge Challenger
Stude's challenger was a base trim level of the Lark.
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Vauxhall Firenza ( England ) Oldsmobile Firenza
Dodge Dart Daimler Dart ( Name in UK )
Austin Mini BMW Mini
Renault Alpine Sunbeam Alpine
Lincoln Zephyr Ford UK, Zephyr ( Technically both Ford I guess )
To name a few more .
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Ambassador was actually a triple since a development of the Austin Princess was called the Ambassador
BL also shared another car name, Austin Montego and Mercury Montego
Motorcycles also shared names
Triumph Thunderdird and Ford Thunderbird and Ford had to license it because Triumph got there first, on the other hand Triumph had to license Bonneville from Pontiac. There's also the Triumph Daytona, which shares its name with several Dodges and the Spitfire which was a Triumph car and a BSA motorcycle.
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Elan, Lotus and Tbird
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Oldsmobile 442
Isuzu Trooper in Venezuela was sold as the Caribe 442 (1981 thru 1991)

I'm guessing manufacturers never made the effort to copyright their model nameplates or there would have been dozens of infringement lawsuits.
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There was the Chevrolet Monte Carlo as well as the Lancia Monte Carlo. The latter had to enter the U.S. with the name Beta due to threatened lawsuits from GM.
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Whoops- it was renamed the Lancia Scorpion for the US market.

I've heard of an urban legend which stated FOMOCO was going to name their 69 MACH I Mustang TRANS AM but found out Pontiac beat them to it so then dropped it.

Ferrari 250 Europa / Lotus Europa / if you want to go into high end accessories from back in the day, then add the Becker Europa radio


Lotus Esprit / Pontiac Firebird Esprit


And as a last point, don't overlook the overlap between Lucas electrics and AMC - both were beset by Gremlins


How could I forget the Bizzarrini 1900 GT Europa. Not that I've actually ever seen one. 

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How ironic that the Edsel succeeded in, at least, originality of model names. Alas.....
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Shared nameplate - early 1960's Dodge sedan model and 1980's Jeep Cherokee.  Both were mid price models.

Lou Cooker - Ford Mustang lover


Pit Crew

Studebaker Landcruiser
Toyota Land Cruiser

Pic of 1954 Studebaker Landcruiser link below:
Pit Crew

"Gran Turismo Omologato"
Ferrari 250 "GTO"
Pontiac GTO

"Autodromo Nazionale Monza"
Chevrolet Monza
Opel Monza
Ferrari 750 Monza

Maserati Sebring
Chrysler Sebring

Cadillac SLS
Mercedes SLS

Ferrari California
Volkswagen California

Buick Century
Toyota Century (a luxury limousine)

Nissan GT-R
Mercedes AMG GT-R

Lexus LS
Lincoln LS

Mercedes SL
Saturn SL
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Diplomat is also the marque used by Tucker, of Medford, OR, for their passenger Sno-Cat:
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Opel GT
Ford GT
I had the Opel and would like to have the Ford too!
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I own a Chevy Durango.
A 1982 Chevy S10 Durango. Dodge guys don't appreciate hearing Chevrolet Durango and can get quite argumentative. It's much like speaking about a factory built GMC with a 318, not telling the listener that you are speaking about a GMC semi with a 318 Detroit Diesel.
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Chrysler 300C Mercedes 300C
Chrysler 300D Mercedes 300D
Chrysler 300E Mercedes 300E
I believe Chevrolet had a 300 for a short while.