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Hagerty Employee

9 automotive ad campaigns that either sizzled or fizzled

The new car business is incredibly competitive. There are a dozen or more companies all vying for customer dollars, doing their best to build a compelling product. Even if a company were to build the perfect vehicle for a buyer, marketing is how the message gets out. To make that connection, advertisers have come up with all sorts of outlandish gimmicks, pitches, and commercials.


As we'll elucidate in this highly scientific study, sometimes great commercials can lend new life to a model or help establish the identity of a brand. Others, well, can become punchlines.


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Intermediate Driver

"Real people" reminds me of: "Toyota, grounded to the ground"  LOL!! So serious, so ridiculous!

Intermediate Driver

Vintage DDB Volkswagen ads are the gold standard of advertising.


How about the “Youngmobiles” campaign, or the “It’s not your fathers Oldsmobile”.

‘67 Mercury was “The Man’s Car!”


Zebra Corner “Real People” parodies are hilariously funny.


Um..........Inifinti 1990, anyone? Should be #1 at the top of the list!

Pit Crew

You could do an entire blog just on Volkswagen ads for the original Beetle.


Those BMW films, while not “commercials”, imo are the best car ads ever.

New Driver

The fuzzy tiger tails dangling from rear view mirrors are not from a Pontiac promotion,  they are from Esso's "put a tiger in your tank " promotional campaign. 

Pit Crew

The Real People ads are without a doubt the worst. It makes me change the channel.

The old VW print ads were great.

Intermediate Driver

My friend and I actually hosted a short film night where we showed all of the BMW films along with some comedy shorts.
New Driver

Strange, I only remember the GTO tiger in your tank ESSO commercial and the Hertz OJ Simpson.