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Hagerty Employee

9 automotive ad campaigns that either sizzled or fizzled

The new car business is incredibly competitive. There are a dozen or more companies all vying for customer dollars, doing their best to build a compelling product. Even if a company were to build the perfect vehicle for a buyer, marketing is how the message gets out. To make that connection, advertisers have come up with all sorts of outlandish gimmicks, pitches, and commercials.


As we'll elucidate in this highly scientific study, sometimes great commercials can lend new life to a model or help establish the identity of a brand. Others, well, can become punchlines.


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“The Best Make You’ll ever Move“ was a Chevrolet Billboard and is my favorite 

New Driver

I would include AMC's advert with the guy refusing a drag race with some other driver claiming he had a gold fish bowl in the front seat.

Pit Crew

As a teenager, my parents bought a 64 F-85 with the 330 ci motor. I,'m pretty sure the 442 didn't debut until the 65 model year.


One of the greatest was Like A Rock for Chevy Trucks. That one sold a ton of trucks and people today can not hear Bob Seger singing like a Rock and not think of pick up trucks. 

The other most will not recall is the Penalty of Leadership Cadillac ad from 1916 in the Saturday Evening Post. 

New Driver

How old is the person that wrote this article?  Aren't the Tiger tails referenced above from "put a Tiger in your tank" gasoline ads?


Esso did have a big "tiger in your tank" promotion, but another strong influence was the tire commercial for "Tiger Paws." I forget the brand but the commercial campaign ran for quite awhile. One of the most memorable commercials of all time was the Mitsubishi girl doing her arm dance. Not long after the Mustang came out they had a campaign featuring a Walter Mitty type nerd who started scoring big with the girls after buying a Mustang. Going way back, anybody else remember "it's de-lightful, it's de-lovely, it's De-soto"? But possibly the greatest print ad of all time was Packard's simple slogan "Ask the man who owns one." 


“Ford Trucks!!! The BEST Never rest” ads should have been here

Pit Crew

Sheriff Joe Higgins in the Dodge commercials should have been listed in this article.
Y'all drive careful, now. Heah? 

Intermediate Driver

No mention of the old Dodge ads, of the sheriff, "You're in a heap of trouble, boy!"

Pit Crew

I always thought those "Dr. Olds" ads were unbearable. The effort to be "hip" in some fashion to the point of being incomprehensible. A muddle.