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Hagerty Employee

$86,500 Solstice GXP: Folly or forerunner?

We've long argued that the Pontiac Solstice and its sister model, the Saturn Sky, are great cars for the money. They bring to the table a similar platter of performance as compared to their Japanese counterparts-the Mazda Miata and Honda S2000-but at a more attainable cost.

Price is about right here. Coupe, GXP, below 500 miles and rare color.

These cars are right at the limit of what is rare and the premium is for the very rare color and low miles.

Now you can’t drive this with out losing about half the value.

These will continue to climb.

True rare modern day cars are generally 1200 and less.


Note the tune is a big deal. 295 HP with 340 ft lbs of torque. This is a very reliable and powerful package. I saw 10 reliable years with my LMF Turbo pushing 23 pounds of boost. 

Intermediate Driver

Thanks for putting that into perspective. As an individual, it isn't worth it to me, but I can understand how all the right parts and factors can add up to a premium like with this car.

Intermediate Driver

I absolutely loved the Solstice until I sat in one. The dashboard is the hugest, cheapest hunk of hard and brittle plastic and the accessories feel like the designer sneezed them into place on the dashboard. I know that Pontiac, and GM as a whole, could have done better.

GM has always lagged behind its rivals in interior design and luxurious accommodations, usually commanding a lower starting price point than similar cars from the big three. However, the Solstice had little competition and none of it was domestic. The only two cars at the time that were similar were the S2000 and the Miata. Major missed opportunity in my opinion.

It's as rare as it gets so that's probably going to an oddball on the valuations. I certainly would not pay that but I do like the car. Too bad there was not a Sky Coupe. The Sky always looked better to me.