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Hagerty Employee

$84K Jeep J-10 says party ain't over for classic trucks and SUVs

Amidst a week of dour economic news, you'd be forgiven for wondering whether the music in our current collector car market party is about to stop. This 1984 Jeep J-10, which just sold for $84,000, including fees, says: "Keep those records playin'."

Jeep should make a small truck that looks like this. They can make a killing.

Here's the RAM 700 based on the Fiat Strada built in Brazil for the South and Central American market.
It's unlikely we'll see it here due to crash safety, think the best bet would be a pickup based on the Renegade (call it Scrambler?).
Advanced Driver

Let's step back to reality- I sold my '69 Gladiator (Buick 350 & 4 speed) red, with a bad bed for $2,100 two years ago.

An $84k J-10 is pretty crazy. Decent looking and hard working truck but a distant runner to the big 3 trucks.
New Driver

Not true, this is a slow market correction IMPO. Imagine if this was a J10 Honcho edition in that shape? what would it be worth? We see specialty trucks sell all the time for insane prices Litte Red Truck? remember that one? Also, what is not mentioned here, though anyone that knows anything about Jeeps there was more done than the engine Mods. If you look closely, you're going to see that the T-case has been twin sticked, Is it a stock T-case? T-18 or T-15? maybe stepped up and it has an atlas under it? The details on the interior and motor alone speak 20-30K on this truck and it is rarer than in Chevy, Ford, Dodge that you are going to find. I could easily see as tastefully done Honcho Stepside got for money like this as well.

As others are saying here, THIS is what Jeep should have done when they reintroduced the Gladiator name badge, or at least something that bore even a slight resemblance to it (even if they tacked on 2 more doors). Nobody was asking for a Wrangler Unlimited with a bed.

Some of these things don't surprise me. It's a good looking truck that you just can't buy today (new) for any amount of money, these things were beat mercilessly in their normal service lives, and a lot of them rotted horribly. Finding one in good condition is rare and is going to drive high bids

One nutty sale maybe tells us something about the buyer and competing bidders.

And hey, perhaps this is the best one in existence...?

We need more comps to see a trend. An outlier vehicle (J-10s are a fraction of the SUV/truck sales the past 2 years) isn't a reliable bellweather.
Intermediate Driver

I remember these new, that one looks nicer then any of them I saw. I feel like Bring a trailer is the new "it" thing were part of the price is the "it" affect.