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Hagerty Employee

'80s nostalgia and attrition have made Honda's XR80 a hot commodity | Hagerty Media

The bigger the engine and the higher the horsepower, the greater the value. It's true for muscle cars. It's true for Porsches. The exception to this rule lies in a market segment in which nostalgia trumps all: small-bore Japanese motorcycles. Of those that grew up on motorcycles, most probably started on a sub-100cc dirt bike produced in Japan.
Pit Crew

These are my bikes that I sold on BaT. What is isn't mentioned in this article is what makes this pair so special... they are back to back sequential serial numbers still on MSO having never been titled. This was a one-off opportunity and commanded a premium.


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Community Manager

Thanks for the info, I will get our team making these changes ASAP! 


I had a '73 XR75 for a time because it was the biggest thing that I could jam inside my '68 Camaro with its back seat removed.