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Hagerty Employee

80 years ago, movie cowboy Tom Mix rode into the sunset in his beloved 1937 Cord

Long before Roy Rogers and Gene Autry sang their way to Hollywood stardom, Tom Mix became a heroic cowboy by letting his actions speak louder than words ... mostly because they had to.


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Community Manager

That reminds me, I really need to hang this photo somewhere in my house. 



I saw this car several years ago at the Glenmoore concours. Not only was this car a challenge to restore due to the age but it also had the added elements from Tom that were one off and also the accident damage. It was a real mess after the crash.  

Intermediate Driver

I worked in Aurora, Ohio back in the mid 70's and was eating lunch at a DQ style restaurant when a guy pulled up in a Cord the same color. I looked it over and it was a beautiful car. He told me that he was vacating in SoCal and heard a rumor about this car. He extended his vacation and finally found it. He hired a lawyer to dig up everything on. He bought it. He said the name on the title was Tim Mix. He had purchased the car for his girlfriend and when he was killed, she parked it and never drive it again. Never knew if it was true but, why would he lie about it?


Stunning, I love those Cords & Auburns. What a beautiful car.


Got to love those hand tooled leather stone guards!